Sunday, August 03, 2008

My Favorite Things

The master bathroom is done! Read about it here.

The Sound of Music is floating around blogland today! Paula, The Quilter is singing So Long, Farewell and Nancy at Patchwork Penguin is singing My Favorite Things. The Sound of Music is the first film I remember seeing in the theater as a little girl. I remember Maria walking down the aisle with the nuns singing Maria. What little girl wouldn't dream of having a wedding like she did?

I love musicals and music. Taking Nancy's cue I thought I'd list my 10 favorite musicals and/or songs.
  1. My all-time favorite music is Jesus Christ Superstar. When I was teenager my girlfriends and I used to perform the opera to the records taking turns with the various roles. The album was the first music I put into my ITunes and on my Ipod. These days Comcast has the 1973 movie with Ted Neeley On Demand. I listen to it almost every day. I admit though I've never seen any other work by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber. I couldn't pick a favorite song of the opera. I love them all.
  2. Of course, the Sound of Music is a favorite. My favorite song from the movie is Do-Re-Mi. It was one of the first songs I learned when taking piano lessons.
  3. South Pacific by Rodgers and Hammerstein will make me dream about being on a tropical island. I auditioned for the role of Bloody Mary in high school, but ended up playing in the orchestra instead. My favorite song from the movie is Bloody Mary. Those men dancing around the beach get me every time.
  4. The King and I is another Rodgers and Hammerstein musical I love. I played in the orchestra for our high school production of this as well. Shall We Dance is my favorite song from the movie. I always adored the hoop skirts the women wore and loved to watch them twirl in them.
  5. That's all the musicals I like. Now on to my favorite songs. I will stop everything to hear The Piano Man by Billy Joel. I still wish I could play the piano as well as he does. Have your ever heard his classical music CD? It's awesome.
  6. Another favorite Billy Joel is Scenes from an Italian Restaurant. Oh what the heck - Billy Joel is at the top of my favorite musician list.
  7. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond will get me humming. If course, it doesn't help that at Fenway Park the song is played during the 7th inning stretch. I'm excited because Neil Diamond is performing at Fenway Park on August 23 and we have tickets to go! Be still my heart! We saw Neil Diamond just after 9/11 and it was a great show.
  8. Can You Feel The Love Tonight from Lion King by Elton John is a great song. I never saw the movie, but I love the music. I've seen Billy Joel and Elton John together in concert twice. They had great shows.
  9. I never thought I would take my two sons to a rock concert, but we took them to see The Who a few years ago. We had the best time. My favorite Who song is Baba O'Riley, sometimes referred to as Who Are You. It is the opening credit song for the CSI shows.
  10. And last, but not least, The Lion Sleeps Tonight by The Tokens. This song just makes my body groove every time I hear it.
Tell me 10 of your favorite things!
Sweet P


Barbie Jo said...

Without hesitation the musical "Oklahoma" comes to my mind and is my very favorite! Although I no longer live in OK I did for 19 years. The song Oklahoma is played on one of their radio stations every weekday at 5pm to end the work day. When the kids and I heard it we would burst into song belting out that tune. Never mind our voices LOL.
Have a great week!

Lurline's Place said...

My Profile doesn't show on my blog - can't work out why! Favourite musical - West Side Story.
Favourite movie - (miniseries) North and South (God bless Patrick Swayze!)
Must blog on this trivia - one day.
Favourite singer/song (at the moment) - Save the Last Dance for Me - Michael Buble.
Oh, memories - hugs - Lurline.

Candace said...

You've listed some of my favorites. I have been a Neil Diamond fan for forever, and love many, Cracklin Rosie and He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother come to mind. Same vintage Kenny Rodgers Just Dropped In, to start. Love Sound of Music, but my favorite is Eidelveiss. I also loved the music from Lion King, and Sleepless in Seattle. Can't overlook Dirty Dancing. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

Libby said...

Did you know Jesus Christ Superstar is touring right now . . . with Ted Neely? *sigh*
I love musicals . . . add to the ones on your list Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Fiddler on the Roof. This week I will get to see my first 'Broadway' show on Broadway in NYC - Gypsy. I'm practically beside myself.

paula, the quilter said...

OK I can add A Chorus Line to the list. And for the song I will stop to listen to: Terrapin Station by the Grateful Dead. Wonderful lyrics, Jerry Garcia was a painter with words.

Kathy Wagner said...

My first beloved childhood musicals were 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' and 'Mary Poppins'!
Since then I have enjoyed 'The King and I' and 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat'.
Another old favorite was 'Les Miserables'. I loved the costumes in the 'Lion King'.
Most recently I enjoyed 'Wicked' and 'Hairspray'.
Is that 10?!?! I love musicals and music of all kinds!

Lilly said...

10 of my favorite things? Let me think.........
The Eagles
Pavarotti and Friends
The Three Tenors
Guns and Roses
The King and I
The Sound of Music
Richard Gere
Sean Connery
Melanie..Brand New Key
Eretha Franklin
......and Cheesecake...Yum Yum

I know that is 11, but I couldn't leave out cheesecake!!!!!!!!

Aileen said...

Oh, it's no wonder we are friends! In high school I was in a performing church choir and we got to do some of the numbers from J.C. Superstar. I grew up on musicals with mom singing while she cleaned. Great music!

DebMc said...

Fun post!

I love the Sound of Music. In fact, so much, that we did a SoM tour while in Austria. Saw the gazebo and the church and those lovely hills. It was a blast!

I love cheesy musicals like Grease, too. Seven Brides is also a favorite.

My favorite modern day take on the musical is Top Gun or Footloose. The songs aren't performed by the actors, but the music is so evocative and fun. I love both of those soundtracks.

Lynn E said...

Well I have a fav list of singers/bands , Elton John, Phil Collins, Sting, Footloose soundtrack ( clean house to that), Abba, Marvin Gaye, Prince, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder,CCR. But if I want to list musicals, I have to say all the Bob Hope movies and Danny Thomas

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Oh, I will be over to enjoy a "bottle, of red, bottle of white..." while watching any musical with you. Seven brides for seven brothers is a favourite-there are quilts and good songs. calamity jane was one we grew up on, and you have to love the Sound of Music...I can even play soem songs on the piano-and there issn't much I can say that for! tracey

GRACE said...

The lion sleeps tonight, always takes me back to Jr high school for sure! I absolutely LOVE that's fantastic...

musicals? oklahoma, flower drum song, finian's rainbow, hello dolly are my faves...I just love the part where dolly levi says, 'why horace vandergelder, you go your way and I'll go mine' (which is her way of course) and he doesn't have a CLUE!

Carolyn said...

I saw Neil Diamond August 3 at the "Q" in Cleveland Ohio. The Tickets were my mother's day gift and the seats were amazing. His music has been the background of our lives since the sixties. He is a talented guy and is still going strong at age 67 with no intentions of retiring....gotta love him