Saturday, August 02, 2008

Coffee Time Quilt Studio Has Art

After being in our new condo for five months we finally have some art on a wall. Of course, it's in the Coffee Time Quilt Studio. A few weeks ago when I was at Ikea I found a wooden frame set. It is advertised as a way to hang fabric. On my sewing day I pulled out this piece of coffee fabric and started attaching it to the frame. The nails Ikea included were crappy so I started using my staple gun. I ran out of staples and finally remembered this past week to get some more. This afternoon I finished the project and hung the art.
Here's a close-up view of the fabric. Isn't it perfect for Coffee Time? I can't remember who gave me this fabric or where I got it. I want to say Paula, The Quilter gave it to me last fall.
I got some mail goodies in the last two days. A friend and I swapped fabric. I sent her some FQs. Since I am starting to make postage stamp quilts she sent me her scraps that were too small for her, but the perfect size for postage stamps.
While cruising E-bay recently I found a listing for 120 strips of Aunt Martha repro fabrics. They range in size from 1 1/2 inch to 3 1/2 inches wide. I won them for less than $20 including shipping. Some of them will go into postage stamps quilt, some may end up as binding, some will be put away.
We got one coat of paint done in the kitchen last night. We will finish it tomorrow. I guess that means I have sewing time tonight. Hooray!
Sweet P


Teresa said...

Congrats on your fabric win and on getting the painting started. So what kind of postage stamp design are you doing? I have a very old one that my husband's great great aunt hand cut and pieced, and later the top was given to me and my mom hand quilted it. I did some repair work on it before it was quilted and did the binding, so several generations have had a hand in this quilt. It is a true treasure to me.

Candace said...

Your art is very pretty and colorful, and very appropriate for
Coffee Time.

Fiesta said...

I love the wall hanging and the aunt martha repos.

Faith said...

oooo lovely colours thanks for visiting my blog I have also uploaded some new music which me and my partner recorded

do copy paste and have a listen and let me know what you think

paula, the quilter said...

Erm, nope. Don't think it was me. I had a different coffee fabric. Coffee labels, I think.