Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Daily Mail

I have a "thing" for getting my mail. For as long as I can remember getting the mail from the mail box has been the highlight of my day. I can't tell you why it was important before I started quilting since most mail was bills. But now, squishies come in the mail and that makes getting mail exciting.

Our old place was the only residence in a commercial building and it wasn't until we moved into a residential complex earlier this year that I realized what had been missing in my daily mail: JUNK MAIL!!! Junk mail doesn't get delivered to commercial buildings. We never got anything addressed to: Resident or Our Friends at XXX at the old place. Now it's a different story in our new place.

I am expecting a squishie of postage stamp charms from my Postage Stamp group. The package was mailed from Scotland earlier this month. I thought today might be the day.

A few minutes ago I heard the mailman pull up and anxiously watched him fill the mailboxes. As soon as he left I put on my shoes, grabbed the mail box key and went to get the mail.

When I opened the box I saw this pile of junk mail! Boohoo! No squishie today!
I was just about to toss the whole stack out (none of it was addressed to us personally) when the two items below caught my eye:
They aren't squishies, but they are quilt-related. I've decided to take a break, prop my feet up and read. Probably just as well the charms didn't come today. I'm not in the mood to play with fabric anyway (and if you believe that, I have some cheap land for you to buy).

Thanks for all the suggestions on the table. I thought I had Old English cleaner but when I went to get it I found a bottle of lemon oil for cleaning wood. I rubbed the table down with the oil and put the table on the deck in the sunshine. I'll see how it turns out later tonight. Stay tuned!

Sweet P


Fiesta said...

I am still waiting for mine too.

Teresa said...

Oh how well I know what you mean. If I know something is due to arrive, I can hardly stand the anticipation for the mail to arrive, and then a quick disappointment when it is not there. Quilt magazines are always a pleasant surprise though.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I am so with you on the mail - it is so much fun to get home from work and see a package on the doorstep!

ozjane said...

I am really trying very hard to stop buying material from the US.
But I so love the postman at the door.....other stuff they leave in the letter box and this guy is great as he leaves them on the door step for me...he figures if I am away someone is going to feed those furry paws in the window sill.
Came home to two yesterday... yummy a cream big fat moda jelly roll. The other was a present and I shall have to take a photo...but need someone to hold it for me.

Carolyn said...

I like to be the first one out to get the mail too! It's like playing the lottery, there's always that feeling of anticipation. I picked up one of the books you recommended at the library...Inventing the Rest of our Lives. I can't believe how well it describes exactly what I've been doing the past few years! Thank you!

Brenda said...

Sorry your squishies did not arrive today. But, like you I love checking the mail and browsing through the junk just never know what might be lurking inside (hee-hee). Have a great day!

Paula said...

Mail holds that special attration for me too. Doesn't matter what's in it, I want to be the one to pull it out of the mailbox. Seems my kids all feel that way too, since I very rarely get to be the one to get it. I think my attraction to it comes from having pen pals when I was a kid.