Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Quick Project and Thunderstorms

Before DH came home this early afternoon I made this travel pocket from Leanne Beasley's Romancing The Road Trip book. I didn't do any stitchery on it because I love this fabric. I got it in a Summer Solstice package a few weeks ago. I haven't decided how I'm going to use it, but it will definitely get used on my upcoming vacation.

This afternoon during five separate thunderstorms I was able to finish the binding on my DIL's quilt. She'll be happy. She's been waiting for several months for me to finish the binding. The quilt was the first one she made. I don't have any photos of her with the quilt so I'll take one when she comes over to pick it up.

During the fourth thunderstorm there was a lightening strike on the building across the street from us. The fire alarm went off in the building and I called the fire department. Luckily there was no fire and damage done to the building.

Next up on my list is to finish my Pay It Forward gifts and get them out in the mail. I should be able to do that this week. Then it's on to the binding on my Pink Finity quilt.

I slept under Wicked Girlie last night and it must be a pretty good quilt since I slept until 8:15 am. I never sleep until 8:15, not even when I'm sick. I always wake up by 7 am at the latest. I hope it's not a continuing trend. I'd hate to have start using an alarm clock when I sleep with Wicked Girlie.


Angie said...

Love your travel pocket that you made! I too love that fabric---would love to have a blue/yellow quilt one of these days. :) Your Girlie Quilt is so cute, and so is the story about when you get to use it! LOL

Libby said...

Maybe you'll need to just plan a special trip around your travel pocket *s* Looks great.

swooze said...

Cute pouch. Hmmm, blame the quilt...I never thought to do that! Good idea!

Wendy said...

Every girl need a special travel pocket to take along. Yours is just lovely and will go with you everywhere.

Marla said...

You made me laugh outloud with your last line about sleeping with Wicked Girlie. All I could imagine was someone flipping through bloglines and being totally confused! As my brother says to me....My quilts somehow have sleeping powder in them. You cover up and poof! you are alseep.