Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday Morning and Golf

We are watching the British Open golf tournament this morning. This is one of those weekends where DH doesn't sleep in, but is up early and watching golf. The sun is shining and we are expecting a glorious weekend. Later today we will be having a surprise birthday party for my in-laws. Both of them turn 65 this coming week.

I had a mixed-up week. On Thursday I got a call from my brother that my mom was being rushed to the hospital with chest pains. Add that to a work day filled with deadlines and I was absolutely miserable Thursday night. It didn't help that DH was gone on an overnight trip.

Friday was an extremely better day. The work load was lighter. My mom was diagnosed with a fibromyalgia attack and was released from the hospital. And then my boss (AKA my FIL) surprised me with a significant raise that I will get over the next 6 months. Life is good!

So far there are 13 swappers in the Stitchery Swap. Five from the US. Five from Australia. One each from Canada, Norway and the U.K. Anymore takers? You still have a week to sign up. Come on and join the fun!


Greenmare said...

so you would have liked to visit me when the PGA was here?
and by the way I LOVE THE WICKED GIRLY QUILT!!!!!!!
awesome fabrics, awesome backing, awesome quilting! Great idea, I might do something like that for me when my husband is working nights!
oh dear, another project..........

MOLLY said...

Love the Wicked Girly Quilt--so talented you are. Binding is not so important. It can certainly wait until DH gets back. Thanks for the inspiring post!