Tuesday, August 29, 2006

To Tie or Not to Tie . . .

A quilt that is. When my grandma taught me to quilt over 25 years ago we tied our quilts. When I started quilting two years ago I couldn't believe that tying a quilt is hardly done anymore. Now quilts are machine quilted or hand quilted. I was very intimated. How could I learn to machine quilt a finished top? I know I didn't have the right machine for it. I had no clue how to baste a quilt. I took a machine quilting class from Quilt University, but it was hard to follow along. I am a visual/hands on learner and this class didn't allow for that. Hand quilt? I wanted to desparately learn how to do create the "perfect" quilt stitch and couldn't wait to take my first hand quilting class. I finally took a hand quilting class earlier this summer and fell in love with hand quilting. I'm still slow at it, but I am improving and I love every minute I do it.

I have a quilt top I made for my mom. I need to get it finished soon. She really needs a quilt hug right now. So I decided I am going to tie it. I started on it tonight and hope to get it tied and the binding sewn on by machine so I can bring it with me this weekend to hand sew the binding on.

So, in your opinion, is it a bad thing to tie a quilt? I guess I'm suffering from some kind of quilt guilt, but I'm not sure if that is case or not.

My BIL brought me the pictures he took at Geoffrey's wedding. He has many good ones, but these are two of my favorites. My boys and I. Geoffrey, in the white tux, is the oldest and the groom. Brandon, the other one, is my youngest. I don't get to see Brandon very often as he lives with his dad in New York. Both have turned out to be fine young men.

There's a bit of fall in the air tonight. It's cool and rainy. I've been enjoying a cup of tea while blogging and I think I'll get the quilt out for the bed.

Thanks for all the positive comments about my mom and dad. I spoke with him tonight. He seems to be doing a little better. Time will tell though.


Susan said...

It is not a bad thing to tie a quilt! Some people prefer to call them comforters when they are tied, and that's alright. It's still a quilt to me, but a comforter is what your mom needs right now anyway.

There are some quilts which need tying - most quilts I do for children are tied. I want them used, and that means they have a relatively short lifespan, so I'm not paying for expensive quilting.

The only quilt I have that was made by my mom is tied - using DMC floss, I think. I love that quilt to death.

Linda_J said...

I'm with Susan on this one---it is absolutely okay to tie a quilt and especially when you need one faster like this.

Hand quilting, while lovely and probably your preferred method, is time consuming. Your machine skills may or may not be up to the task. It took me almost 12 years of my quilting life to even try to machine quilt one and even 7 years later, it is pretty basic stuff for this girl.

Go for it, Paula and give your mom that fabric hug she needs.

Good picture of you at the wedding with the boys.

I like the tan background better but you switched to something else later?

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

My Mom's one and only quilt was railroad fabric and skinny red cordoroy - cut into random sized rectangles and squares - tied with red yard - for my brother. It lasted for years and years and years - so go ahead and tie it!



Tonya R said...

I've tied plenty of quilts, but personally don't recommend embroidery floss. I've had them come untied, even tho I was doing square knots. I think wool yarn is better.