Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Start, A Finish and an Old Iron

My calendar for today was marked as “A Quilt Studio” day. I needed time to play and then Tasha was coming over to finish baby Ella’s quilt (especially since Ella decided to arrive one week early). My day started with reviewing the pattern for my Quilter’s Necessary – a “wallet” for storing and carrying quilting tools. I got all the pieces cut and all the pockets put together before Tasha came over. I’m using fabric I bought last week at the quilt show so for once I didn’t add to my stash for months before using it. The pieces are sitting on my cutting table waiting to be finished tomorrow.

Tasha and I spent the afternoon finishing Ella's baby quilt. This is quick patch quilt that Tasha designed from a stack of 6 inch squares I had leftover from my Pink Finity Quilt (look at the beginning of the month). Tasha chose the borders and the backing. Today we tied the quilt and then put the binding on. We tag teamed the binding process. After the strips were cut I sewed them together and after I had a few done Tasha trimmed them. Then we used two irons and shared the ironing board to press the binding. I sewed the binding on after she left this afternoon. All that's left is to tack down the corners and the label on the back. Hopefully I'll be able to get it done before the family reunion tomorrow.

Norma showed her new iron today. I think every quilter has a love/hate relationship with her iron. I know I do. Anyway when I was Minnesota helping my parents clean their house I found this small travel iron that had never been used. I pulled it out today to use it while ironing binding. It's not a bad little iron. Very basic, but boy, does it get hot and it presses well. I can't wait to try it when I am piecing. It is even dual voltage so if I ever decide to take it overseas it should work! I love finding new gadgets, especially when they are free! The handle pops off and when the iron is in the box it's about 2 inches by 6 inches by 5 inches. It will fit well in my quilting bag for retreats.


Susan said...

What a fun day, spent quilting and being with your good friend!

EileenKNY said...

Nice to see you finished the baby quilt. I'm interested in seeing your Quilter's Necessary when you have it done.
Thanks for the reminder-I have a travel iron put away. I'll have to see if it gets hot enough.

Linda_J said...

sweet little quilt--and just in time as babies have a way of setting their own time tables. Sounds like you and Tasha had a wonderful time working together,

Cynthia said...

Sounds like you and Tasha had a very productive day.

sewnut said...

Irons definately are the partners in a series of up and down relationships for me. I still miss the blue Procter Silex Iron the Carvers gave us as a wedding present in 77. About 1992 my freinds made me throw it away as it had been glued back together a few too many times. I guess since I have mostly done my ironing in the basement the concret floor has not been a soft place to fall, kids and dogs running aroudn are not kind to irons either. A half dozen (I am sure it must be that many) irons in the interim and I am now playing the field. I have my new replacement B & D iron which I love but have not used yet as I am iron overwhelmed. While I was waiting for that iron to arrive in the mail I borrowed the one dmil left behind, it just barely works, nothing fancy.. I have the one B&D sent in error, the one B&D made me cut the cord off, a little mini Rowenta for beside my sewing table and classes (I really like this one) and the one I left at a friends house which I must collect.
All I really want is great steam power, a good slippery ironing surface, controllable heat and enough weight to the thing so that when I want to press, it will press. Is this too much to ask???

Anyway, you are being pretty succesful in your quilt time so..Way to go Paula!!!