Sunday, August 20, 2006

Another Quilt Show Weekend

Yup, that's me at the New England Patriots game last night. A friend called us at 11 AM and said he had two free tickets to the game and would we like them? Did he have to ask twice? We would never turn down tickets to the Patriots. So a quick trip to the grocery store, find a hotel room on-line and pack and we were off! The game was good and the Patriots won 30 – 3.

I spent my time in the car and in the hotel room working on my Tumbling Blocks. I am becoming so addicted to hand piecing while in the car that I may never want to drive again. My DH is going to be behind the wheel of the car forever.

This morning I picked up Tasha and we went to her first quilt show (my third one this month) – the World Quilt Show in Manchester, NH. Since this was her first show I advised her to pick a “theme” for fabric shopping. She decided she wants to make a quilt with bugs. Don’t know if it will be a Bug Jar Quilt or another pattern. So off we went looking for bug FQs. She was able to find several different fabrics to start her collection.

We also found several patterns that we want to try. Two of them are flannel appliqué patterns. Both of us love tulips so this Tulips pattern will be fun. Both of love babies and this Little Ones pattern will let us make several different projects.

Tasha’s sister is expecting a baby boy in late October and when we saw this Speaking of Baby quilt with the “Talking Quilt” squares we knew it would be fun to make. The pattern will help me bust some stash as well.

We found an absolutely adorable Bugs quilt and I told Tasha I would buy it, but that I would really have to learn appliqué to make it. When we went to look for the patterns we learned it was that every block is it’s own pattern plus a finishing pattern. Eight patterns in all for $40! That’s a lot of money for one complete quilt pattern, so we compromised and purchased the Grant and Brant block. Only we are going to have fun with the pattern and make Grant and Brant into Manny and Papi in honor of our favorite Red Sox baseball players. This is the one new project I can’t wait to get started on!

I found this cute Christmas fabric and just had to have it. Since I don’t buy fabric without a plan I purchased Fat Quarter Quilting: Four Fabric Quilts. I think these small quilts made with Christmas fabric will be cute Christmas presents.

Tasha chose a package of 12 FQs for the bug fabric and it was a good price: 12 FQs for $15. When we opened up the package and realized there were 2 FQs of each print I told her we should share the package. I think these prints will make a great quick baby quilt.

So now I am DONE with quilt shows and shopping for quite some time. I have plenty of new projects to work on, some new techniques to learn and an excited DIL who wants to spend time with me quilting too. What more could a woman ask for? Oh yeah, DH has a busy travel schedule in September and will be gone for more 15 days, including parts or all of three weekends. That means lots of quilting time for me. I have even scheduled a quilt retreat with a friend in Massachusetts. This will be a working retreat for both of us. I can’t wait!


Nancy said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!

EileenKNY said...

I love the Expo Center in Manchester-was the show in the Armory of the Radisson also?
Nice to see that you and Tasha had fun and you were able to induct her into the ranks of quilters.

Cynthia said...

Glad you both enjoyed yourselves at the Show. Some of those patterns you bought are lovely.

Patti said...

I've read through your blog now that I've found it - and have enjoyed getting to know you better!