Friday, June 04, 2010

My Creative Nest

This is where I sit and do handwork, my creative nest, if you will. Come along while I take you on a brief tour.

Let's start on the sofa table on the left. If you look close you can see a few milk stains from Mr. E. I haven't scrubbed the front of the sofa and it's due. On the table is the stack of crochet somethings I'm working on, a drink and Wally, the Red Sox mascot. Under the table you can see my laptop peeking out. It's never far away from me.

My Ott light is there and I couldn't create without it. The shades are nearly always down. The parking lot is right outside the window and I'd rather not have everyone looking into my living room.
The bookcase on the right is my bookcase. There are four baskets on it right now, two filled with crochet projects, one with embroidery patterns and a general catch-all basket. My ball winder is attached in the front. The middle shelf has various patterns and miscellaneous papers along with a couple of doodle books. There is another basket of crochet projects behind my bookcase.

In the back right is Mr. E's bookcase. This is for his toys, diapers and books. In front of it is my keyboard that he loves to play. He has learned to leave my bookcase alone and play with anything on his bookcase. Peeking out from the love seat on the right is Mr. E's toy bucket.

What does your creative nest look like?

Sweet P


Rhonda said...

Good question.....I'll have to take some pictures and post about that....Your areas look great compared to mine....LOL

Lurline said...

Everything at your fingertips, Lucky Girl - looks cozy!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Teresa said...

Hmmm...not sure I have a nest, but I might share a peak at my sewing area in the room hubby and I share. Love the red in your room, I am really loving red these days.

Bev C said...

Hello Paula, You do have a comfy chair to sit and crochet and listen to Me E playing.
Happy days.