Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer Everyone!

It was a hot, hot weekend here and we celebrated Father's Day and summer with Mr. E, his daddy and two of his grandpas yesterday.

He arrived looking very fashionable and ready to party.
But the real fun started when we introduced him to the sprinkler.
Mmmmmm . . . what is this?
Yeah, this is fun!
Can you see the little rainbow?
Mmmmm . . . up close it's still fun.
Ahh . . . a wonderful way to keep cool.
Would you like to join Mr. E in the sprinkler?

Sweet P


Mary said...

Well it's rather warm here in GA so the sprinkler does look like fun! Luckily, I'm heading to the condo today which is a little farther north in the Mountains and plan to spend some time at the pool this week!

Teresa said...

Ah, to have the inhibitions of a child. Cute photos!

Linda_J said...

What a big boy he is getting to be and playing out in the water sure looks like fun!