Saturday, December 15, 2007

Good Saturday Morning! I finally put the rechargeable batteries in my camera so I have a few photos to share.

First up is my luggage made by Morah. Notice the fashionable woman in lime green. Isn't she the greatest? Now you know why DH will not be using my luggage tag! I can't wait to have a reason to use my suitcase and show her off! Thanks one more time Morah.

Here's my still wrapped SSCS gift. I can be a good girl and wait to open it. Although I may open it next Saturday. Why? you ask. One of my online groups does a Winter Solstice swap rather than a Secret Santa swap. I have three quilty surprise gifts under my tree so I'm thinking I'll make next Saturday morning my "Quilt Christmas". How does that sound?

Today we are going to look at five more condos, plus we are waiting to hear from a builder on what he would charge to custom build an end unit condo for us. We are contemplating raising our offer for one of the condos on our original list where the buyers previously rejected a verbal offer.

We are still getting the Nor'easter tomorrow and I am ready to play in my sewing room and watch football. Yeah!


Morah said...

Glad you like it. It was a toss up between "Carmen Miranda" or a football tag. Unfortunatly, DH came in the room and claimed that one! I HAD to give it to him as he has been waiting for a year for me to make him slip covers for his chair. He will probably wait another year.....He thinks the queue includes everyone but him so....the tag was a good compromise!

Kathie said...

those tags are so funny!
Oh yes you need to open those presents next Saturday, sounds like fun!
Oh I hope we get as much snow as you have tomorrow!
Kathie in NJ

Rose said...

Love those tags!!! Cant wait to see what ur swap pressie is!!!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

That's a pain about the condo, but football and chocolate should ease the heartache. I am not from paradise point, but I like the name, so am not your Australian SSCS partner...sounds like you are building up a nice little gift the tag, Tracey

Libby said...

Can't imagine why Hubby wouldn't want to make use of that tag *s* It's darling.