Thursday, December 20, 2007

Do You Have A Signature Fabric?

Tuesday night the city decided to remove all the snow drifts from the city streets. Those wonderful snow piles were taken away. Notice I said were gone. That's because we are getting another 8 - 10 inches snow today! We've had more snow this month than we did all of last winter. I'm one happy girl.

I'm tired of talking about condo hunting so until we have a signed deal and have made it through the appraisal and home inspection, I'm not talking about condo hunting. I need a break from that corner of my life.

Anyway, I'm wondering how many of you have a signature fabric or collect fabric with a special design or item on it? I know a few who do. Honeybee collects fabrics with bees on it. Nancy at Quilting Quandry talks about olives in her quilts. The Calico Cat collects cat fabrics.

Can you guess what I collect?

Oh, come on, I bet you can guess!

Is it animal, vegetable or mineral?

Probably none of those.

I collect coffee and tea fabric. Below is a sample of the some of the fabrics I've purchased or received recently.

Tell us about your signature or collectible fabric. Show us some of your collection.

I'm thinking of hosting a swap after the New Year for those who have a signature fabric or want to start a collection of signature fabrics. I'm still trying to put the guidelines together, but want to know if anyone is interested. Let me know.


Chookyblue said...

oh gee would it be coffee???? you can't work out what mine would be........

Carole said...

You know, I don't have a signature fabric, unless you consider colours a signature! I'll have to think about what my unique signature is! Keep well!

Libby said...

For me it's all about woven lines . . . mostly plaid, but checks and stripes figure in the equation. Just can't pass 'em up *s*

floribunda said...

I don't really have a signature fabric (other than batiks) but for some reason I have developed a little collection of fabric with cherries. Not too many, yet (not like Calico Cat and her cats!)

Paula said...

I would love to join a swap like that. I don't really have a signature fabric, but have noticed that since opening my Puddle Ducks Daycare I seem to have aquired quite a few pieces of duck fabric...

Jodi Renshaw said...

I would be interested :) but likely I would need some reminding!