Saturday, December 29, 2007

Big Game Today

Tonight is the BIG game. Will the New England Patriots beat the NY Giants to be the first 16-0 team in NFL history? I think so. This morning the NFL Network is replaying four of the Patriots games this morning. DH and I are watching them, of course. This afternoon I need to do some shopping and then tonight DS, DIL, DH and I will be glued to our TV watching the game.

The mailman brought me one more package of goodies from Australia on Thursday. The package was from Carey at Blueberry Lane Designs. What a wonderful selection of goodies from her shop. She included 16 scrap pieces of yummy fabric, a package of heart buttons, a teddy bear magnet, Fresh Flowers Tote Bag pattern, a Huggettes pattern featuring sisters, another stitchery pattern and a panel of Red Hat ladies from Moda fabrics. Thanks for such a wonderful collection of goodies.

I'm expecting two more goodie packages this week and then I think the flow of Christmas presents will stop. I used some Christmas money to order Leanne Beasley's Butterfly Garden pattern. I only purchased the pattern because I want to choose my own fabrics for the quilt. DH has said he will pay for any fabric and floss I need to make the quilt as the rest of my Christmas present.

The other package will be my order from Barnes & Noble. DH gave me gift card for BN. I went on-line the other night and browsed through their clearance section. I ordered four quilt books, one book on textile history and three home decorating books. Just what I need more books to pack in two months when we move.

Have a great weekend! Hopefully we'll be celebrating later tonight and tomorrow I hope to spend some time sewing.


dot said...

Oh I was waiting for your post today. When I heard about the game I immediately thought of you. Good luck and enjoy the game.

Beth said...

I will be watching right along with you from AZ. If I DON"T watch, there will be one young man who will GRILL me about each and every play! Go Pats!

Susan said...

What a great package from OZ! Enjoy your game tonight, and those books, when they arrive. One can never have too many books, no matter how often they need to be moved. =)

Jackie said...

Go Pats!! Very nice package, isn't it great to receive sometimes? Happy New Year!

Leanne said...

Looking forward to seeing your progress on your Butterfly Garden quilt.

Paula said...

YES! The Patriots took it, and what a game that was!!! My husband is from New England (Connecticut), but his FAVORITE team is the Giants with the Patriots coming in a very close second. He just didn't know who to yell at last night...too funny. I was all for the Partiots, they couldn't possibly let a loss take away the momentum they have going.