Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Shop Around Shopping List

Well, I said I share my Shop Around Shopping List and here it is:

For baby quilt:
  • 2.5 yards seashore color for background
  • 1 yard green
  • 2 yards (various cuts) of lavenders
For Applique Sampler
  • 2 yards light background color, suitable for red and green Christmas fabrics
For Redwork/Embroidery:
  • At least half yard of four different red and white fabrics for swap
  • Form Flex muslin
  • DMC floss: 310 black, 221 red, 610 light brown, 729 light gold, 823 navy blue, 930 dark blue, 931 light blue, 935 dark green, 937 medium green, 938 dark brown, 3364 light green, 816 red for Bobby Socks, purple for Challenge quilt
For Fun:
  • Half yard each of complementary colors from color cards
  • Triangles on a Roll, maybe two or three sizes
  • Pigma Pens
Backings For:
  • I Love Orange
  • Tea Time Splash
  • Sew Easy Pajama Pants

Wish me luck. If I'm able to find everything I should be set on projects for the rest of the year.


Hedgehog said...

Holy moly! You're organized! Good luck with the shopping!

Darlene said...

Wow, that's an awesome list - very organized. Me? I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal. It would not occur to me to make a list and then wish I had. Great job!

Libby said...

Wow - you are a focused shopper. I am more the 'kid in the candy store' type. I like to pick what ever is shiny to my eye at the moment *s* That method allows me to go again and again because I never seem to get the things I NEED.

paula, the quilter said...

And I always seem to end up with duplicates! But that doesn't hurt when it's fabric

Finn said...

Hi Paula, I'm going to echo hedgehog and Darlene...what a list! And what a great idea!! I think I need a bit more organization in my life...LOL
I've read all the way down, and have to say I love the polka dotted block(quilt?). I do hope you will be making more with doll quilts in mind *VBS* The C is for Chair block is awesome, I love redwork!
And it's an interesting basting picture, good thing you gals are all friends...LOL You're one brave lady! I look forward to seeing if you fulfilled your list. Hugs, Finn