Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day and Shop Hop Results

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. I hope you have a wonderful day today. It is still early here and DH is on his way home from the airport and brunch with my son isn't until later so I thought I'd pop in here and share my shop hop goodies with you.

There were seven shops involved in the shop hop, but we added three more shops along the way - Knight's Quilt Shop in Cape Neddick, ME; Emma's Quilt Cupboard in Franklin, MA and, because my girlfriend had never been to Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor, NH. So in two days we shopped at 10 shops, plus a short trip to Joanne's with another friend of ours on Friday night. I put 530 miles on my new Caliber and loved every minute of it. The car rides well and holds a lot of goodies.

So, without further ado, let's see if I stuck to my shopping list.

First item on the list was fabric for a baby quilt. Yup, I got that. I still don't know if the quilt is going to be butterflies for a girl or saliboats for a boy. The ultrasound is Tuesday afternoon so I'll know then what I'll be making. I don't care which one I have to make I like both patterns, perhaps I'll end up making both of them.

Next item on the list was background fabric for a Christmas applique. Yup got that. No picture because it doesn't photograph well. But it's a cream colored tone-on-tone floral print.
Items for redwork is the next part of the list. I got these red and white prints for the swap I'm in.

I also bought these two red and white prints just because I like them so much. The top has squares for every day of the week. I bought 4 yards of it thinking it would make a good backing piece for a redwork quilt. The other on has red fruits on it and I'm not certain what I'm going to use it for yet.

I didn't find form flex muslin, but then I didn't look very hard for it. I also decided not to buy the DMC floss. At 25 cents a skein I figured buying it at Joanne's here is just as good. I was a little disappointed because I did try to find some unique floss or embroidery thread collection but didn't have any luck. I guess I don't know what I should be looking for if I want unique or special thread to work with. Any suggestions?

In the For Fun section I altered my list and decided not to use the paint chips to choose fabric. At the third shop we went to I found this great coffee panel. How could I resist? I'm going to add borders and backing with the lovely wine colored fabric (chosen by Susan at the Chestnut Quilter) and hand quilt the panel. Won't it be a wonderful addition to my sewing studio?

Also in the For Fun category I found a six FQ package of Dick and Jane fabrics, some more red and white FQs, cherry fabric to make placemats for my MIL (her kitchen is all about cherries), a coffee-themed FQ and a half yard of a boy print. I also bought a package of 35 - 2 1/2 inch strips at Keepsake, mostly blenders in every color. I think they'll work well with a spring fabric charm swap I recently received.

One of my friends sent me an email late Friday morning that I didn't see until Saturday morning asking me to look for construction men fabric. I managed to find some at Keepsake Quilting. Linda, do you like this fabric? I'm keeping some for myself. I have a special project planned for these men.

I decided not to buy the backings on my list. With all the other fabric I was finding I couldn't focus on the backings for those two projects. I did buy Triangles on a Roll to make 1 inch HSTs. Those will be used for a challenge project I'm working on later this spring.

I found the Sew Easy Pajama Pants pattern. I wasn't sure I'd find it in a quilt shop but it was there. I also found a Teddy Bear Redwork book with adorable teddy bear patterns. And in the notions department I bought a white Clover marking pen, red felt for a needle case I'm making, a spool of YLI silk thread for applique and two spools of YLI hand quilting thread. Boy, it's hard to find YLI hand quilting thread. Out of the 10 shops we visited only one shop had it. Everyone seems to carry Mettler or Sulky or Gutterman threads, but not YLI. I also bought some Thread Heaven to use for redwork and embroidery thread.

In the same shop where I found the Pajama pants pattern I found this cute lingerie fabric. When I showed it to my friend she said, "That would make great Pajama pants!" So she dared me to buy it and I did. This fabric should make a cute pair of pants, don't you think so?

And last, but not least, I found this cute wall hanger. I think it suits my studio to a "tea". I can't wait to hang it up.

I was home by 6:30 last night and in bed at 8:30. DH woke me up at 6 am to tell me he was in Boston. My back is a little sore and I'm a little cranky. But I had so much fun this weekend. Next year we are going to do a different shop hop because we've done these shops for three years and two of them are not our kind of shops (Mostly dark colors and lots of Thimbleberries) and one is going out of business (Mill Girl Quilts).

It's almost time for DH to arrive so I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day. Bye for now!


Karen said...

Hi, Sweet P, nice purchases, particularly like the quilt hanger. Happy Mother's Day!

tami said...

Wow it sure looks like you guys had a great time. I can't wait to see what you do with that construction guy fabric. :cD

Kathy Wagner said...

Wonderful purchases!
Especially love the construction workers fabric!!

Nancy said...

I think you did a wonderful job of staying with your list. What a wonderful array of goodies you have there! That construction guy fabric is a hoot! Who's the designer? I HAVE to find me some of that in June once I'm allowed to buy again!

Bea said...

I have also the teddy bear redworks. But I haven´t done any stich on this lovely pattern.
Happy mothers day.

Leigh said...

I reckon I'd have something special in mind for those guys too!!!! But that could be a whole other story! LOL ;-P

Rose said...

Can i shop with u???? love the hanger!!! and those lilacs and greens!!!
Take care.

Libby said...

Wow - that was a very productive shopping shop hop - your list served you quite well. It's going to be a lot of fun to have these things available to put in the perfect project.

swooze said...

Nice haul! I will have to add that pj pants book to my list! I do have a pj book already. Maybe I should check that first ;). :D

Beth said...

Sure looks like you had a fun and productive shop hop!! I have to agree with you about the Caliber being able to hold a bunch of stuff and it rides like a dream!!!

Laura said...

Looks like you had a great time! You sure did good on your purchases, I love the construction guys. I have some of that myself.

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

Great shop hop finds...530 miles!!!I thought I was a dedicated quilt shopper and I have a closet full of fabric to prove it, but, I don't think I went that far all at once. Cute construction man purchases. 100% silk embroidery floss has a nice lie on the fabric. Several of the gals in my guild have been doing red work quilts with that. I don't know if they used button hole twist or not.

Greenmare said...

oh, all your fabrics look GREAT, they look like they are going to be soooooooo much fun to play with!!

Darlene said...

Wow, you did very, very well. If you're looking for specialty threads for embroidery and redwork you'll need to visit a needlework or x-stitch store. I really enjoy using some of the overdyed threads by Weeks Gentle Arts and Sampler Threads.

Linda said...

Wow you did have a wonderful shop didn't you? Do you have any idea of what type of thread you want to use. I love to use Needle Necessities overdyed floss. If you need a link for it let me know. Or were you think of a more traditional thread?

sewnut said...

The men will be just fine my friend! And I love the lingerie print. FUN FUN FUN. Imagine that in my adult "eye spy" quilt. Thanks for helping a friend in need to shop!

Hedgehog said...

I just love that red squiggly fabric!! Can you give me any info about it? Thanks!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Lots of fun purchases there - and some with even a specific purpose! Just going to 1 quilt shop is a treat for me, don't know how I would handle 10!!! Glad you had fun!



Patti said...

Oh my goodness - you really did well. Your credit card must be truly smoking! You are obviously a girl after my own heart. I did a shop hop only once - hit only 11 of the 54 shops as we had only one day - and I'll never tell anyone how much I bought. Truly obscene!

I love your quilt holder. I have a holder exactly like it on my kitchen wall - except mine is a little smaller and has hooks for cups instead of a quilt rod. I keep three of my favorite mugs hanging on it, and rotate them throughout the year.