Monday, May 07, 2007

Productive Weekend

I had a quiet and productive weekend. Friday night was date night with Bruce. We went to dinner at my favorite steak restaurant here in Dover - Orchard Street Chop Shop. Of course I had my favorite meal. Caesar salad, 6 oz. filet, carrots in a pecan glaze and buttermilk mashed potatoes. Yummy! No dessert because I'm still nibbling on chocolates from last weekend.

Saturday I was up early while Bruce slept in. I was able to finish the redwork for a needlecase I'm making for a swap.

Then I moved onto my newest project. I signed up for Jane Was Nuts from Quilt University. Now I may nuts for taking this class, but my thought is I will get practice and patterns for making doll quilts. I got to start building my doll quilt stash now before the grandchildren come along. This little polka dot block is only 4 inches! The center is little off kilter, but overall I'm satisfied with how it turned out. I have more polka dot scraps so I'm hoping I can make some of the other blocks with polka dots. Wouldn't that make a fun doll quilt? I think so.

Then I moved on to my 365 Challenge quilt. This was my first experience writing on fabric with freezer paper and I'm not sure I did it right. The freezer paper didn't stick very well and the pens seem to be very thin. They are Zig 01 pens, should I get a thicker tip to write with? I'm still thinking about embellishing the blocks, but not sure what I'm going to do yet.

Saturday night Bruce and I had to go to the office and print out 150 sets of slides for his speech in Salt Lake City. While we were waiting for the print job we went to the Sports Page to watch the Red Sox game.

Early Sunday morning (somewhere around 4:15 am) Bruce was off to Salt Lake City and Las Vegas for the week. So when I rolled out of bed at 6:30 am I had the day to myself. Every once a while a day all to myself is so wonderful. I so enjoy the solitude. So what did I do yesterday? Well, other than watch Tiger Woods win the golf tournament, the Red Sox beat the Twins and catch up on some TV shows that I had on my DVR, I spent the day doing handwork.

I was the second lady in waiting for UFO queen on Stashbusters so I sewed the label on the table runner that Sandra (the listmom) quilted and bound for me in January. This table runner is made from Ohio Star Challenge swap blocks from a swap a couple years ago. The table runner graces the end of my sewing table.

Next up I finished the C is for Chair block for the Bobby Socks BOM. I think these designs are so adorable. I started the D is for Dog block. It has a lot of detail and will probably take some extra time to finish it. Today she posted the E is for Egg block. This one has a lot less detail. I'm hoping I can get caught up by the end of this month.

My "work" project of the day was making my shopping list for my North of Boston Springtime Shop-Around this coming weekend. I will post my shopping list before Friday and then we'll see how well I stick to the list. I'm picking up my girlfriend on Friday morning and we will start shopping. We are spending the night in a hotel and will meet another friend on Saturday morning to visit her LQS, my favorite LQS but not in this shop hop. This store is an hour south of the closest shop participating, but the visit is worth it.


Libby said...

I'm no expert - but my favorite pen is the Pigma 1 (no decimal point) I press hard when I write and I always love thick lines that medium point and larger pens make. There's probably no real rules . . . just select what makes the look you like and feels right in your hand.

Doodlebug Gail said...

There's more of your redwork - thank you! That's a cute block and talking about cute ..... that 4" block is wonderful - you have more patience than I do.

Morah said...

I can't wait to see more of your Jane was Nuts results. I just couldn't find the time to take a class. I probably will though over the summer.

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

You sure did have a productive weekend. Lots of quilting and a date, you are a lucky gal.

Love the red work. Yes the polka dot would make a great doll quilt.

Hedgehog said...

The polka-dot block is very cute! The shop-around sounds fun, too.

Anonymous said...

I love your redwork, Paula! Seeing what you've done is one of the reasons it's is now "one of my favoritest things!" See what an inspiration you are? ;-)

Yvonne in Renton WA

swooze said...

I wonder about writing with those pigma pens too! I have been looking around to see what is out there.

You have been so productive. I love your table runner! Congrats on that finish!

Angela said...

I lvoe all your redwork. Doodling is a passion of mine and I love to do redwork too!

Meredith said...

You have been so productive. How much cafeinne do you consume. LOL. Kidding. I have used Pigma pens for my labels I just write on teh fabric ironed on freezer paper. A filet women I so agree. That dinner sounds fab.

Linda_J said...

I use a pigma 0.5 for writing on our quilt labels but I think it is purely a preference thing. I also hate fine point ink pens so that might be part of it.

Your redwork blocks are looking wonderful. I need to get myself up to the Bobby socks site and download a few of the letters! Thanks for the reminder.

Rose said...

Love the redwork!!! im doing the 365 day challenge quilt as well and although i prefer to write with a fine tip biro, im finding the pens great!!!
dumb question: the "jane was nuts " blocks.......does this have anything to do with the DJ quilt (only an aussie wud ask this lol) cause i just started this quilt and im loving it (maybe im nuts lol)