Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday Night Check-In

I don’t have a chance to spend 15 minutes a day quilting during the week and make up for it on the weekend. Today I spent about 4 hours hand quilting my mini whole cloth Tulips quilt. I worked on it while watching the Bears beat Seattle and the Patriots beat the Chargers. It’s been a couple months since I hand quilted and my fingers were letting me know that the callouses haven’t formed again. Ouch!

I also spent some time this weekend pulling fabric from my stash to make a table runner to test my Birthday Garden quilt pattern. I’m going to make it in purples, greens with a splash of pink.

I’m still on no buy and other than a purchase at Thanksgiving I haven’t purchased fabric since October. In fact, the fabric I bought at Thanksgiving is all used up and didn’t even make it into my stash.

Yesterday DH and I had a couples pedicure. I’ve never had a pedicure and, before yesterday, had never painted my toenails! I enjoyed the pedicure immensely and it’s amazing to me how just a little bit of color on your toes can change how you feel. I wish it were summer for a day or two so I could show them off. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have have another pedicure when it warms up.

Patti posted this link to see type of person you are. She and I are INFJ. So is another quilter she knows. She has a theory that even though INFJ's are only 2% of the population that most of them are quilters. Help us test her theory.

You Are An INFJ

The Protector

You live your life with integrity, originality, vision, and creativity.
Independent and stubborn, you rarely stray from your vision - no matter what it is.
You are an excellent listener, with almost infinite patience.
You have complex, deep feelings, and you take great care to express them.

You would make a great photographer, alternative medicine guru, or teacher.

Well it's late and tomorrow the drive to work is going to be ugly so I'm off to bed. See you later.


Patti the Hardenbrook Girl said...

I don't know about most of the LOL, but I'm guessing a bunch of them are. So you are also! That makes four of us so far I think. No wonder we've all gravitated together via the web! I hope a bunch more take it also so we can see if my theory holds up.

sewnut said...

So I am an ENFJ. So what does this stand for????

Have a great week Paula.

Morah said...

Have a good work week and try to squeeze in a few moments for yourself!

Inga Helene said...

It's nice to treat oneself with some luxury. Enjoy your week.


Pam said...

No fabric since October, WTG girl! I can almost say that and can say that any that I have purchased has been used down to the scraps point. Today I am going to purchase enough to get a new quilt for our bedroom, which is something I had intended to do last summer but didn't get to it.

A couples pedicure...YES!!! There are just a few things I pamper myself with and a pedicure is one of them...wonder if I can convince Hubby to join me anytime soon?

Libby said...

Once again, I will be out there keeping the economy going *s* It's a burden, but one that I will gladly bear. This week is the big quilt show in my area Road To California -- I'm sure I will find plenty to buy.

Cynthia said...

glad to hear you enjoyed your pedicure.
I'm also trying to use my stash and not purchase any fabrics.

Linda_J said...

So Paula, your team was victorious, right? The Pats?

I will wish you good luck on the no buy thing--the button and the blog will help you be accountable. According to your profile for ENFJ that "stick-to- it-iveness" is one of your traits so it might help!

The Calico Cat said...

So are the bears going to meet the Patriots in the superbowl again? (I actually went to the superbowl when those two teams played in New Orleans.)

Finn said...

Hi Sweet Pea, what a stint of quilting!! Four hours with no callous would be torture...hugs for owie fingers.
Loved the personality quiz, where ever it started...LOL. I went there from Linda J's. Finn and Sylvia are two completely different people apparently..*VBG*
Hang in there with that darn winter weather, Hugs, Finn

Susan said...

I look forward to seeing the picture of the Birthday Garden quilt, since those are colors (purple and green) that I like a lot.

I had a pedicure about 3 years ago, for the first time, and then I had one every 3 weeks until I retired. The Vietnamese woman who did mine was so good with the massage, I would have paid her just to do that! On the road, I can't always find someone - small towns have few choices. When I'm back in Phoenix, I go to the same woman, though!

Did you get flowers? I always get a decoration of some kind, just a little extra sparkle. =)

Shelina said...

That's great that you got so much quilting done. Smart idea to make up on the weekends what you don't have time for during the week.
The pedicure sounds fun.