Monday, January 01, 2007

Adding A Copyright Notice

Judy at Quilting With Ragdolls wrote a post about copying photos and text from other blogs. It's a thoughtful post and it inspired me to add a copyright notice at the bottom of my blog. It is scary that in some people's eyes that can take the words and pictures of someone else and claim them as their own.

The company I work for sells intellectual property - hundreds and hundreds of bits of information - and nothing leaves our office without a copyright notice on it. I just never thought I would have to add it to my blog. So I have a copyright now at the bottom of the page.


paula, the quilter said...

Just curious, but what does Blogger have to say on adding copyright to your blog?

Morah said...

Interesting. I would never think of taking a photo from a webpage without permission. Thanks for the heads up

The Calico Cat said...

So if you used Alexander Henry fabric on a quilt that you showed - would you give credit there as well?

Caveat - I am of the camp that if someone "bloglifts" my words or photos - it is a compliment! It all seem a bit overboard too me since I am not trying to make a living based upon what I blog...(or based upon my quilting.)

Shelina said...

I added a copyright notice on mine a while ago. Then I decided I didn't want my last name on it, because I didn't want others to know when I was gone, or what I was saying about them! LOL I took my name off, and when I switched to beta and took the whole notice off, and my last name still shows up on google.

I don't mind sharing, but I do like to be asked. Otherwise it is stealing.