Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2007! Many bloggers have written about their accomplishments in 2006 and plans for 2007. I have updated my list of projects on the side bar for 2007. I didn't make many changes to the list since I've been keeping it up-to-date on a regular basis.

So what did I accomplish in 2006? Well, I learned to hand quilt. I'm still working on my first hand quilting project, but I may put it aside to work on my Birthday Garden Quilt. I learned how to hand piece. I truly enjoy hand piecing, but save it for long drives or to take with me when we go away for the weekend. I learned how to properly put binding on a quilt! And that let me finish a quilt for my mom, one for my dad, one for my SIL, one for a friend's new baby boy and one for our bed. I like sewing on the binding and find myself looking forward to finishing a quilt just so I can add the binding. Mmmmmm . . . I wonder if one could make money offering to add the binding to someone else's quilt.

I finished many tops that are waiting for quilting: my Pink Finity quilt, an Ohio Star Table Runner, an Autumn Table Runner, My Tea Time Splash quilt, a mini Christmas quilt and an I Love Orange Wall hanging.

I also finished some smaller projects: a bar topper for DH, a Quilter's Wallet for me, two fabric Picture books and, just in time for Christmas, 8 small tote bags that I filled with various little items and gave to some of our nieces and nephews. The bags were well received, almost better than what was inside.

My learning goals for 2007 are to start machine quilting and to learn appliqué. Now I never thought I would do appliqué, but I keep finding myself drawn to the hand work side of quilting so I guess it would be just a matter of time before I would start appliqué.

I also have a surprise project to start off 2007. When I posted a picture of my Birthday Garden quilt on one of my groups I got some requests for the pattern. I designed the quilt myself using techniques that intrigued me. I was more than happy to write up the directions and share them. But, before I could write the pattern, I offered to share the design with the whole group. It turns out that one of the moderators thought it would be a good idea to share the pattern over a long weekend when many of the members are getting together for a Retreat. The members who are unable to attend will be able to work on my quilt!

I'm excited. I certainly never expected anyone to want a pattern I designed for myself. Let alone have the chance to share it on-line. If any of you are interested just let me know. I'll make it available the weekend of April 27 - 29. I'll have fabric requirements in the next couple weeks. Stay tuned for more details.

It's almost time for the Rose Bowl so I'm off to grab my hand quilting and start dinner - butternut squash stuffed with sausage and apples - yummy!


Patti said...

For your sophomore year of quilting I think you did very well! Your sidebar looks great with all your projects listed. May your favorite team win. I don't care either way since neither my Huskies nor my kids Cougs are there.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hi, all sounds like a great year. Looks good when you put it all together like that. Quite an achievement.
You should be very proud that they want your quilt pattern, my hardesy job then would be working out what I had done and explaining it the same way!
Happy New year, Tracey

Rae said...

I just wrote you a nice long message but dumb bloger blew it.

In short I was telling you that I am back in blog world after an absence.

I also thanked you for the tips on copyrighting photos as I was thinking about publishing my "In the Forest" Quilt and I have been blogging about it. I will look into the water mark thing.

Thanks again

Libby said...

Your retreat sounds fun -- quite an accomplishment to have your very own pattern. Give yourself a good pat on the back *s*

Faith said...

How wonderfully inspiring your birthday garden quilt looks. I just love your style and how you did the edging. I have just started to quilt again after a long break by sickening myself sewing hexagon after hexagon. Thankfully i still have the hexagon quilt top which i just put away in a box years and years ago.
Now that I am slowly getting more inspiration from reading about all these wonderful quilters and crafts persons like myself I may just bring this hexagon thing out and get working on in in the next couple of weeks.
All I have to do to this hexagon thing is applique a heart right in the middle ive still yet to learn how to do this. Get some batting and back cloth, Baste it, then get hand quilting which I must admit is one of my favourite excitable forms of quilting which im starting to get really hooked on.
Ive saved and posted this site as one of my favourites for new freinds and to keep in touch hope you dont mind and I would love to hear from other quilters too.


Cynthia said...

sounds like you accomplished a lot during 2006. Well done.

I'm hoping to do more machine quilting this year as i work on my UFOs. I would like to learn to do more than stipple/meandering the quilt top.

Happy New Year to you. I look forward to visiting your blog during 2007.

Linda_J said...

My dislike of finishing binding is legendary, LOL. If it were not for the shipping costs, you might find some quilts at your door.

Happy New Year to you, Paula. I love the Superbowl countdown you added.