Sunday, April 23, 2006

What a Long Week!

I worked 70 hours this past week and woke up today totally exhausted. I was up for about two hours and then went back to bed for a nap.

But this afternoon I felt better and was able to put together my latest quilt, "Tea Time Splash." I cut and pieced the blocks last weekend and put them together today. I was inspired by the "Limeade" quilt in the book Super Simple Blocks — Creative Uses for 6 1/2 inch Squares. My squares are smaller than 6 inches finished though. This quilt was an exercise in just having fun and not really following a pattern. I just used the instructions for making the basic block and the general scheme of placing the blocks. I added the plain tea cup blocks for some interest and the tea cup fabric will also be the border.

My boss has left for China for the week and DH and the sales staff will be leaving on Tuesday for the remainder of the week. That means a quiet work week and some time to get ready for next weekend. My boss told me I could take a day off this week. Woohoo! I'm taking off Friday since DH will still be gone and going to have my own quilt retreat on Friday, Saturday and most of the day on Sunday. I'm planning to do some machine quilting on a table runner and a couple of quilt tops I've made recently. I've only done a little machine quilting and I want to improve my skills. Can't wait for Friday!

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Quilty bird said...

Cute quilt! I think I have that book. Is is Super Simple Squares by Possibilities? I also have Super Simple Strips (?) and borrowed Super Simple FQ Quilts from a friend. I am making the Confetti quilt in the SSFQ book. Have all the blocks made - need to sew them together. Confetti is also a mindless quilt. I posted a picture on my blog a while ago.