Sunday, April 09, 2006

Dorothy Young Mysteries

I belong to a couple on-line quilt groups and have lucky enough to do four of Dorothy Young Mystery Quilts.

This is the first quilt I did. Dorothy named this design Mazey Dazey. I call mine Where's Piglet? That's because I used Winnie-the-Pooh fabric and my FDIL pointed out to me that Piglet was no where to be found. This is actually the first quilt I made and completed. I tied it instead of quilting it. I made it for a co-worker who had her first baby.

This quilt is based on Dorothy's Contrary Quarters pattern. I say based on because I followed directions for making the blocks, but the blocks started speaking to me and I ended up with a different layout than Dorothy's pattern. I have named it Contrary Quarters Gone Awry. It is waiting for borders and to be finished.

Dorothy hosted a mystery over Christmas Weekend and I wasn't going to do it, but couldn't resist. I only made one block of the mystery of Gentleman Johnny Meets Zachary Taylor . Mine is called Did It Again because once again I didn't quite follow Dorothy's directions.

The last quilt is Dorothy's Magic Ribbons. For this quilt I let Bruce pick out the fabrics as it is going to be a quilt for our bed. It is still waiting for borders and to be finished.

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