Friday, April 28, 2006

I've Been Quilt Retreating

I took yesterday and today off from work. Yesterday was a sick day and today was a personal day. So I’ve been quilt retreating.

Yesterday I made two blocks for two comfort quilts. After starting my day today with a physical therapy appt, I took out one of the first projects I started in January 2005. It is one of two BOM quilts I started and only made the first two months blocks. I got the March block done and then the April and May blocks didn’t turn out quite right and I was getting frustrated. So I put the project away and took out a Triple Irish Chain I started last May. I spent the afternoon piecing some of the 7 x 7 blocks. I am making the quilt from Jinny Beyer prints so it’s very colorful.

The two BOMs are just not enticing me any longer. The one I worked on today I’m thinking of taking the 3 blocks I have done and making a table runner out of them. I have the fabric for the rest of the quilt cut and kitted up, but I just don’t have the desire to finish it. The other BOM is not kitted up so I still have the yardage available to easily turn into another project.

What do you when a UFO no longer entices you? Do you leave it sit for awhile? Do you convert it to something else? Or do you just plough through it and finish it?

Tomorrow my DS will be gone for the day and DH is still away on business. A quilting friend is coming over for the day. I don’t what we’ll do . . . Could be sewing, could be hand work, could be scrap cutting. Maybe I’ll get brave and quilt a table runner I have sandwiched. Then I could get a UFO done.

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