Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ribs and Arrows

Last night I made Country Style Ribs for dinner.  The recipe was easy to make.  The sauce didn't sauce enough for us so we used additional BBQ sauce for dipping.  Even Mr. E liked the ribs.  The next time I make them I will make a larger batch of the sauce or another version of a BBQ sauce.  The meat was fall off the bone tender.  The leftovers today were as good as last night.

I have been creating as well as cooking.  I stitched this Dyed Arrows piece using the floss I Kool-Aid dyed a couple weeks ago.  I added a couple more colors to it as well.  I tried to dye with lemonade Kool-Aid, but the floss wouldn't absorb the color.  I made up for it with a couple drops of yellow food coloring  I tried for two days to dye with Berry Blue and Grape Kool-Aid.  All I ended up was a dull and muddy looking mauve on both skeins.  Once I soaked the skeins in cold water they both turned a nice shade of pink.  Going right to left across the bottom row I have: orange, cherry, lemon lime, lemonade, berry blue (now pink), black cherry and an off-white (an undyed skein pulled from my stash).  The piece is finished to 4" x 4".  I'm not sure how I will use this piece.  I have a couple of ideas, but for now it will sit with a couple of other small stitched pieces I have completed.

I have a small kit of bright dye colors I plan on trying in the next couple weeks.  I hope they turn out.  I'll keep you posted.

We are enjoying an unusual warm streak here.  On Sunday it was 80, yesterday it was warm, today was another 80 degree day and it will stay that way through Thursday.  Then our temps will get back to normal.  It seems odd being able to wear shorts and t-shirts in March.  I hope we don't get any more snow this season.  As much as I like snow, I'm set for now.

Sweet P

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