Monday, March 19, 2012

The First Chicken Dish, Burgers and Ribs

Last week I made my first chicken dish from my freezer buy.  I tried this 3 Ingredient Onion Soup Chicken.  The chicken was OK, not stellar, but OK.  I served it instant mashed potatoes and green beans.  Mr. E, his mommy and I had it for dinner, then I was able to have it for two work meals.

Yesterday was a stunning day here in New Hampshire.  When I got home at 3:30 it was 80 degrees! Hotel Man grilled bacon cheeseburgers for a late lunch. It was so warm we took Mr. E, mommy and daddy to the park.  Mr. E loved playing on the slide.  Then it was off for ice cream at Friendly's. It felt like summer, not a day in March.

The warm weather is going to continue this week.  I think this past winter will be known as the winter that wasn't.

Tonight I am making country style ribs for dinner.  I'll be back with a review on them later this week.

Sweet P

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