Monday, November 22, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday Musings

Random thoughts and questions on Monday morning . . .
  1. Do you wash your laundry in a certain order? I wash my bedding on one day. The next day I wash the loads in this order: underwear and socks, lights, darks and then all the pants.
  2. On a typical day off do you have a morning routine? I'm generally awake by 7. I eat breakfast and drink coffee and watch Good Morning America until 9. Then I spend my day playing with fabric, yarn or floss with spurts of cleaning and cooking in between.
  3. How do you feel about projects with zippers? I struggle with zippers and try to stay away from projects that use them.
Well, the clock on the wall says it's almost 9 am. Time to get sewing.

Sweet P


Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

Well, on days I am working, which is 4 days a week, I get up at 6:30, make my lunch, shower and get dressed and out the door. No playing on those days. On days I don't work I stay in my pj's until about 9, drink tea and watch the morning news shows, take a shower and play in my sewing room all day, or babysit my grandsons all day. I need to retire.

Rhonda said...

These are great questions...I so glad you have a pop-up window so that I can see each question while answering.
I do laundry is way: sheets first because they take a little longer to manage; next comes the towels; then light clothing; undies; and finally the dark stuff.
As for my routine for each day.....wake up by morning news, eat cereal, watch the squirrels fight with the birds at the feeder...LOL....think about what I'm cooking for dinner then if I'm lucky.....get some sewing in or look through quilting magazines.
Zippers....I have a great zipper foot and excellent tutorials on the NET and way back when in high school, I had a great homemaking teacher who taught us some wonderful tips when working with zippers.
This was a great post.
Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Libby said...

My laundry routine is semi-flexible but I always end with sheets/towels. When Hubby was active duty I always ended with his uniforms - which 'forced' me to finish all the laundry in one day*s*
No zippers - not even a clue how to stitch one into a project. A definite deal breaker.

Anonymous said...

I used to have a routine, a wonderful, wonderful get-everything-done routine, but this year it has fallen into disarray and we are living in chaos :o) Whatever is needed most urgently gets washed first, usually a school or work uniform *smile* and usually last thing at night when I remember *blush*. Daily routine? I spring out of bed, like a jack-in-the-box, praying that I haven't slept in and proceed to run around like a chook without a head for 18 hours until it's time to go to bed *giggle*. ZIPPERS? ARGHHHH!!!! I hate them, can't sew them, and avoid projects with them *grin*.
Guess what my New Year's resolutions will be *smile*.
Happy Thanksgiving, toni xxx

Cathi said...

I have been retired for years so I have no set routine. Laundry...whatever needs washing gets done first!

Zippere??? I did garment sewing for years & did zippers..but haven't done any in years. Never bothered me much. Always basted first.