Monday, November 08, 2010

Finishes, Gifts and Smiles

Recently I joined Finn's New Year's Eve UFO Challenge. I pledged to finish at least 4 projects by Dec. 31. So far I've finished two projects. First up is Mr. E's Pumpkin Sweater. It was his Halloween costume, but it's big enough and warm enough for him to wear all winter.
My second finish was a coffee-themed table topper. I bough the panel about three years ago. The borders were added about two years ago. I was going to hand stitch it, but when I was cleaning out my stash closet I decided to machine quilt it and finish it. It is now on our dining room table.
I received two swap packages recently. The first one was a Scavenger Hunt package. My partner sent me four balls of Knit Picks allspice yarn, two hanks of hand spun yarn, At Knit's End book, spice drops, jelly beans, crochet labels, coffee and a small round frame.
I also received my FRIENDS swap package from Pam at Versana.
The gifts were gorgeously wrapped and were too pretty to open.
And here are the gifts: F was fabulous fabric. R was jar filled with red buttons and chocolate and topped with a red pincushion. I was an Indigo Bag and a skein of blue yarn. E was an embroidery book (and a Fair Isle crochet book). N was "Needful" things - two skeins of Caron Watercolor floss I need to work on a project. D was delightful cinnamon jelly beans.
S was this stunning silk painting Pam made for me. Isn't it fantastic?
And, just for fun, here is a recent photo of Mr. E and I.
Tomorrow I'll post about my Process on the Swap packages. I've been able to sneak in work time between working and taking care of Mr. E.

Have a Happy Monday!
Sweet P


Helen said...

Mr E has your eyes. See the family resemblance :)
Enjoy your swaps.

creativedawn said...

I apologize for commenting on this entry so late...OIY! but am very pleased to see you enjoyed the swap package. I love all of mine! We've got to do it again your Mr E does have your eyes...