Monday, July 26, 2010

Cooler Weather Means Sewing Time

The temps have been cooler here which means I've been spending time sewing in my studio. I had a swap package due last week and I got the urge to make a knitting needle case for my partner. Since she loves to spend time by the pool I used this adorable Fun in the Sun fabric to make it.
The case has lots of spaces for straight needles and three pockets for circular needles.
I've been following Kelly's Make A Bag Sew Along. Here is the completed bag.
Here is the inside of the bag. And what is that hiding inside?
It's the matching zipper pouch.
This morning I sewed this little backpack for Mr. E. Isn't it adorable?
And here is Mr. E wearing his backpack.
What kind of sewing have you been doing?

Sweet P


Candace said...

What cute things, each cuter than the last. Love the bag and the needle case, and of course Mr. E. is adorable in his new backpack.

Bev C said...

Hello Paula, glad the weather has cooled for you. Lots of lovely sewing. Love the bags.
Happy days.

Lisa said...

The purse for Zoe and the needle case are a super bonus knowing that you took the time to make both.

LOVE the back pack! It is too cute!

Anonymous said...

LOVE that fun in the sun fabric! What a great surprise!

creativedawn said...

Mr E is so, so cute...and so is his cousin! I really like your handbag!!!! You like purple too! it IS my favorite color. The backpack is completely
A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E ! !