Monday, July 19, 2010

Chain Link Samples

Here are a few of the samples from my Chain Link classes two weeks ago. The first one is from Aran Braided Cables taught by Karen Klemp. The pattern is Easy Double 8-Stitch Braid. It was tough to get it started. Once the first row was done, the pattern was fun.
These samples are from The PULAD Method of Crochet in Two Colors, also taught by Karen. The top sample is Two Colored Checkers. The bottom sample is Outlined Shells. I used two different weights for this sample. The red is a DK weight and the blue is worsted weight. If I made this pattern again with different weights I think I would make the frames the lighter weight
This is a Vertical Shells design. This sample is destined to become a Christmas present, but I'm not saying for who (and I will tell you it is not for Mr. E).
And this sample? This was a quick lesson on remembering to put away my crochet when I leave the room. Who knows? Maybe Mr. E will become a crochet designer one day.
The heat is still here. I'm tired of being hot all the time. I'm tired of being too tired from the heat to not accomplish any real cleaning. At least this morning I spent 90 minutes cleaning my studio while Mr. E napped. The floor was covered in ongoing projects, swap packages, vacation purchases and Chain Link projects and purchases. I was able to organize all my crochet projects and prep a canvas for a needlepoint project. Next step is to clean my prepping table and, maybe, the closet.

What are you doing to keep cool this summer?

Sweet P

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Mary Grace McNamara said...

Hi Paula, nice samples there! Looks like your little guy is very interested in undoing what you have done! I'm sure he's just trying to imitate his favorite grandmother!

I'm hanging at the lake this week and staying quite comfortable. Hoping that the next few weeks won't be quite so hot so I can get some stuff done!