Monday, July 13, 2009

Vacation Goodies

I'm finally catching up from being on vacation. We had a wonderful time. I'm happy to report I spent less than $150 on fibers, fabrics and books. If I could make one comment to store owners: if you close your brick and mortar store, please say so on your website. I was looking forward to visiting a needlework shop and a quilt shop in one town and learned both stores had been closed at least one year. I was disappointed, but spent my money in the local yarn shop instead.

First up - my fiber buys. Four skeins of baby yarn, three hanks of hand-dyed floss and 20 handmade wooden spools. I'm going to use the spools for my specialty flosses.
This is free panel I got at one of the quilt shops.
I think it will be great wall hanging to help out Mr. E when Grampa is traveling.
Mr. E's nursery is decorated with Winnie-The-Pooh.
I found this Pooh Christmas stocking panel for $2 and couldn't resist.
These two fabric pieces were bargain buys. The top piece will become a backing. The bottom piece is a super soft brushed cotton. The piece is over 3 yards long. I'm going to use it to make a table set for our dining room table. There's plenty for placemats and napkins.
Here are my other fabric buys. The footballs, robots and music fabric were a special buy - buy one meter, get two meters free. The red, pink and purple fabrics were picked out by DH with instructions to make something for me. The Happy Birthday and cake fabric were fun fabrics and the only items for which I paid full price. The pink and blue FQs are also just for fun. The fabric with the sheep on top is a stack of wool nickels.
Being on a crochet kick I spent my pattern hunting time looking for crochet patterns. The two Crochet Today magazines and 24-Hour Crochet Projects books were clearance buys at a yarn shop. I found Crocheted Accessories in a bookstore in Saint John for less than $5. Girligami is a book I've been wanting for some time. It will provide a fun afternoon or two or three for DIL and I to play with paper.
I met two on-line friends while on vacation. Each of them gave me a goodie package. One friend gave me two Australian magazines, a Needlework Project book, a redwork pattern and a charm pack. The other friend gave me a cup tote bag and two different needle and thread keepers.
I certainly have plenty to keep me busy, don't I? But before I can get started on any projects I need to clean up the studio. When Mr. E was born and we started having visitors we rearranged the living room and my studio. Our small sleep sofa went into the studio and my sewing table moved into the living room. Yesterday the furniture was put back in place. However the studio is overrun with my purchases and other goodies and there is no place to work right now. Cleaning and reorganizing is on tomorrow's To Do list.

Sweet P


Lurline said...

Lots of great goodies there - love the stocking panel! I still haven't opened your gift - the time must come soon - will check with, Stephanie!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Nice purchases! I love seeing what goodies other people bring back from vacations! I'll be showing off mine next week sometime...yup, I'm on vacation this week! Yay!


Paula said...

Looks like you've got lots and lots of fun ahead of you. How fun to meet a couple of your on-line friends. That's so fun!

Henry said...

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Teresa said...

You did good with your buys during vacation and how nice that you got to meet some on-line friends. Welcome back, and now GET TO WORK! (Just kidding - everyone needs at least one day of relaxing to rest up from a vacation!)