Thursday, July 16, 2009

Looking For Organizing Tips

When we moved into our condo last year I was thrilled to have my own quilt studio. Every few months I take the time to clean or reorganize it.

Now that I'm also doing crocheting, paper crafts, cross stitching and other types of sewing I realize I need to reorganize my studio to accommodate these new activities.

I started working in the studio this morning. First I worked through the piles that greeted me when I looked into the room. See them on the floor? They represent my vacation shopping as well as a few of the swap packages I've received in the last several weeks.
45 minutes later the piles are sorted through. A few of the items have been put away. Most of them are sorted into piles on my sewing table. The black bag is full of yarn, there is a stack of fabric, and three piles of patterns: crochet, cross stitch and sewing. The pile on the island contains two quilts, fabric for pillowcases and scrap booking supplies.
This is what the other wall looks like still. The bookcase and shelving need weeding and cleaning. The stool needs to be come a stool again. The closet is overflowing.
I have a few ideas of how I want the space to be . . .

My sewing table will stay a sewing table, but I need it to function as a desk too. The island provides a great standing work space for cutting, sorting and laying out projects. The biggest change for that piece would be to clean out the storage cupboard and use the shelf space better. I have two closets along one wall. One closet is currently 99% fabric. The other closet has some fabric and batting in it. Ideally I would like to create a storage system in the closets for fabric, yarn, trims and paper crafting items.

Now I'm stuck - and this is where I need your advice. If your sewing space has more than one purpose tell me, (or even better, show me) how your space is set up. Do you have it set up in zones? How do you store your different tools and toys? I'd love to get some ideas on how to make my space work better for me.

If you write a blog post about your space, please include it in your comments. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see your space.


Sweet P


Jackie said...

Well, my studio is pretty much quilting, quilting, and more quilting. I just love IKEA for shelving, tables and the like. They really help to keep me organized. The Varde and Expedit line of furniture is just wonderful and not too tough on the wallet. I have several pieces and have integrated them for organization. I did a post on my blog quite some time ago with photos and all. Must have been early 2008

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Hey Paula, good for you for tackling this project! I did the same back in January and wrote about it on my website HERE. It was quite a job, but well worth the effort.

Have fun with your clean-up!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Kristina at Sew Domestic is having a Studio Blog tour with organization tips:
I am participating.

GRACE said...

my sewing space is in my bedroom, so it's small but functional. if i had your situation, i'd look at some elfa components, something that might fit into the closet with wire drawers to organize stuff. i am a firm believer in elfa systems, they can be pricey but if you buy only components you need (container store has a sale every jan 30 percent off) it can be affordable. if you want to go for broke, you could buy a whole system...see them at

~Bren~ said...

My sewing studio is also my office. It was a unique design we came up with...taking a sentimental table in half and attaching each half to the is linked on my sidebar under "Sewing Studio Tours"...there are several there to look through and get ideas.
When you get yours all done, post a tour and let me know so I can link it with the others on my blog.

Chookyblue...... said...

my room is also the dining room and I am currently trying to sort out projects and get them all back together.........go a few more plastic containers to try and organise it..........wished I had a designated sewing area..........and not in the middle of the house.......will be waiting to see the answers here.......

Tennye said...

I am so glad to see your sewing room I need help myself. I will post pictures of mine on my blog next week. I have to tell you I am looking forward to seeing what some of the others ladies have done too.

Annette said...

My sewing, crafting, and office room isn't very big but I've managed to get a lot in there...It's kind of fun to have to be creative in having a place for everything.