Sunday, February 15, 2009

Did You Hear The Sound?

Did you the thwack the bats? The thud of the ball hitting the glove? Those sounds, my friends, are the sounds of Spring Training. And our beloved Captain, Jason Varitek (affectionately known as V-Tek) is back and ready to go.

Photo from (Brita Meng Outzen/

There are 9 days and counting until the first spring training game. The season (and home opener) is April 6. Woohoo! I can't wait. Can you?

Sweet P


Jeanne said...

I'm counting down the days, too! Wishing you a great season, but not against the Tigers. VBG

Kim said...

yeah for V-Tek :)
Sounds like a yummy dinner- we went to the American side of Niagra Falls and the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner for V Day.
You know Buffalo has one of the Mets minor league teams the Bisons.I can see the Yankees and Red Sox play in Toronto...did anyone sign Manny yet?

DebMc said...

Yes, I've heard the whack of the bat. Spring training began the same day my son's varsity season opened. I LOVE baseball.

Our area is suffering from the stupidity and angst from the A-Roid confession. (Thank God he is with the evil empire these days.) Can we just take all the roid users and line 'em up somewhere and shoot them? Sigh...probably not, but I'm so ready for this page in baseball to be done.

Have a fabulous season, but take mercy on my Rangers. :0)

Love the new blog home. It is great to see how you've expanded your sewing and designing visions.

GRACE said...

did you see the article about yaz's grandson mike? He got a baseball scholarship to Vanderbilt, he's 18, and also goes to baseball camps and clubs...apparently he is a star hitter, so who knows, we may live to see another Yaz in the bosox linesup...