Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snow Pix and Reading Material

I couldn't resist showing a few more snow photos. I promise no more after this one. The management company for our condo complex had to hire a snow plowing company the first of the year. The new company is good, but we ran into problems earlier this week.

See this photo? That's my condo on the right side of the photo. Normally the snow is plowed to the end of our building. After a large snowfall, the company is supposed to clean up the pile and move it behind another building. We had snow about 10 days ago. The plow company did not clean up the pile. This is what happened to the snow pile after we got 12 inches of snow this past Sunday. It is now into the parking lot.
Here's the same pile looking out my front door. My car is waiting to be towed so it hasn't been cleaned off. You can't see our car on the other side of the snow pile.
When I came home from work on Tuesday night the snow had been cleaned and the pile outside our living room window has grown! I doubt the pile will melt until May! I'll have to keep tabs on it.
The mailman brought me a package from Lynda in Australia. She had graciously offered to send me new issue of Country Threads Stitchery magazine. Along with the magazine she sent me a Country Patchwork issue and an Australian Homespun issue. Thanks, Lynda! The Sew News magazine I bought at work. I've already glanced through the mags and there are several projects that are on my To Do List. Now I just need to get them on the agenda.
I started sewing the two-patches for DS #3 and GF's quilts. I have about 100 done for each quilt. I need a total of 160 done. I'm not looking forward to ironing all of them, but it will get done.

Happy Stitching!
Sweet P


bettsy said...

My son loved seeing the photo of all the snow - because he's never seen it and he thinks it looks like fun. We are sweltering over here. Hope the magazines don't keep you too busy.

Lurline said...

Not used to seeing snow - I have probably said this before - amazing! - love seeing your pics!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Libby said...

I like seeing all the snow . . . . don't stop sharing the pics *s*

Greenmare said...

tons of snow here too! literally! We keep running out of spots to put the snow here too.