Friday, October 10, 2008

Stitcher's Angel Package Arrived!

My Stitcher's Angel package arrived from Anna in Italy today. What an awesome collection of goodies she sent to me. There is a tote bog with a cross stitch panel, a photo album with my initial stitched on it (I'm going to save it for photos of the new grand baby), a matching card for holding ribbons, coffee cup candles and coffee fabric. Thank you, Anna, for a wonderful package. And thank you Helen for hosting a wonderful swap.
I though I'd share another fall photo with you. We got home from work just as the sun was setting and this tree was gorgeous. It is one of the trees behind our deck. It is also the tree I see out of the window in my quilting room. Don't you just love fall?
It's time for the Red Sox/Tampa Bay Rays series to start so I'm off to watch some baseball.

Thanks for the suggestions on the Christmas Quilt. I'm hoping to get it done in the next few days.
Sweet P


Candace said...

What a nice package to receive, very pretty gifts.
We don't have such drastic color changes in Florida as are in more northern regions, but we do have some, and I think one of the prettiest is the rain tree. This time of year it is green and yellow and pink, and that's what I see from my sewing room. You've inspired me to take a picture of it tomorrow. Your tree is gorgeous. DH needless to say is in watching 'his' Sox.

Brenda said...

What a splendid package to get! I love the red colors of fall, what a great view from your sewing room.
Enjoy the game and have a great weekend!

MYRA said...

Wonderful goodies you received there! Very nice! 8-)
That is a gorgeous view you have their from your sewing room. 8-)
Happy stitching!

Jackie said...

Excellent package! I am going to bed now because the Red Sox WON!!!! Woo Hoo!!

Crusaneta said...

Hello dear Paula! Finally I can writte on your blog! I have visit you a lot of times on these days, from the begining of the swap to know something about you but obviously I could say nothing jijij. When the other day I read the post where you were asking if the angel was reading (about thread holder...)I wanted to writte: yes I'm reading dear but gives are all made now hahahahha.

Well, I'm so happy the package has arrived so quickly and more important that you have enjoy with it.



Susan Freebery said...

Hi Sweet P - are you a Sox fan or a Rays fan? Either way, you may get a chuckle from my most recent post that has to do with both the Sox and the Rays!

I love your blog - you do such a good job keeping up with it and I enjoy reading and seeing what you are up to.

Paula said...

Looks like a great swap package and how fun for it to come from Italy!
That's a great tree to be able to look at every day. I absolutely love everything about fall. Just makes you feel good!