Friday, September 01, 2006

Start of September

I have lots of quilting plans for this month. Just look at my September Goals list. But the biggest plan of all is that September 4 is my second anniversary of quilting. My gift to myself for this anniversary is to get my Singer Treadle machine up and running. I have had her for over a year and I decided it was time to be able to use her.

But first, a couple weeks ago Bruce and I had a photographer friend of ours take pictures of us to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. Here is one of our favorite shots. We took the pictures late in the day at the beach. All of them turned out well, now we just have to decide what to do with them.

I suppose you're wondering why there is a picture of a snow blown street in my blog. It all started with Laura's post about going to a quilt camp and the theme of the camp is "snowed in." This is the street I live on in downtown Dover during a blizzard. I LOVE snow! Nothing is better than being snowed in for the day. I decided I am going to pick a project or two and kit them up for a snowed in day this winter. I will cut the fabrics and put the whole kit in a "snowed in" box in my studio and when we have a snow day I will work on that project. I can't wait!

Well, it's not snowing here today. The sun is shining and it's time to wake up Bruce. We are off to the golf course for the weekend to watch Tiger Woods even though it is going to rain on Sunday. Have a great weekend and I'll be catching up on reading blogs during the evenings.


Hanne said...

What a lovely anniversary photo :-)
I do not like snow, but we have winter for many months every year, so I guess we are having overdoses. This year we had snow until the beginning of May - from October last year.
Looks like you have a good Name & Claim list going :-)

Libby said...

What a happy couple. In the next storm, send some snow my way *s*

Linda_J said...

What a good picture of the two of you! And good job with your goals list too.

Susan said...

Lovely picture of the two of you, and the snow, though if I'm in snow, I want to be snowed in with electricity and a fireplace with a ton of wood! Great idea about the kits, too.

Enjoy Tiger Woods! What a treat, rain or no.

sewnut said...

I love snow.....
Thanks for the snowy photo

Patti said...

Enjoy the golf tournament. I love snow too, but if I kitted something for a snowed in day who knows when it would get done. In the 32 years we've lived here it's snowed that much only twice. We've been iced in a couple other times, but that's it!

The photo of the two of you is really sweet. You certainly need to frame an 8X10 for somewhere in your home.

Cynthia said...

Lovely photo of the two of you.

Nice to see the photo of the snow as we don't get snow where i am.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Happy 5th anniversary! A photo session at the beach is a wonderful momento - at the very least get a few of them copied and framed -some of my very favorite photos are just 4X6 and framed. 4X6 is such an easy size because then you don't always have to be wondering where to put it where the wind won't blow it over! And, I move them around alot too. It is a wonderful photo of you 2!

Having "snowed in" kits ready to go is a good idea. I have cut a few scrappy quilts out to bring to Austria with me this winter - my entire winter is a bit "snowed in" when it comes to getting quilting supplies over there!



Finn said...

Hi susan, I love the "snowed in" idea!!!
What a great thing to think of...hmmmmm...maybe I should do that one, and have something special to look forward to..*VBS*

It's a great pic of the two of you. You look like to peas in a pod, and for sure a Sweet Pea!
Hope the viewing of TW was good, he's quite awesome to watch. I know I follow on tv..*S*

Laurie said...

Happy anniversay, SweetP!! Here's to many more delightful and productive years for you!!


Quilty bird said...

That's an ambitious Sept. goal list! Are you swapping postcards on a yahoo group? Which one? I belong to several. I must always keep myself from signing up for too many at once.

Nice anniversary photo and of the snow! I love the snow, but as someone said, only with electricity and heat!