Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Finally a Finished Postcard

I finally finished a postcard for my group swap. It is the third one I made. I ruined the first one trying to stitch on it. On the second one I screwed up the binding. This one is OK, but it will do for now. I haven't decided if making postcards is for me or not. Perhaps I need to make a few more before I decide on whether or not I like to make them. Now I can focus on whatever I want to do. I don't have any other deadlines looming so I'm back on my own quilting list.

I am so excited! This weekend I am going to Massachusetts to have a mini quilt retreat with a friend of mine. I am driving down on Friday night so I can stop at Ikea. I have to return a chair cover we bought last month and since the store is about a 2 hour drive away and it is close to my friend's house I get to back there. I doubt I will buy anything since I can't lift any packaged furniture on my own and the last time we were there I didn't see anything exciting. I'm checking into the hotel on Friday and coming home on Monday. That gives me 2 full days with Victoria.

On Saturday we are going on our own shop hop. Victoria says there are 6 quilt shops within a half hour of her house. I'm always to looking at and fondling fabric but I don't think I'll spend as much money as I did last month on fabric. I do need to buy background fabric so I can participate in Judy's Hour a Day Quilt.

I'm bringing along at least 2 projects to work on. I want to get the binding sewn on my mom's quilt and then have Victoria show me how to hand sew it in place on back. I mentioned earlier that I wanted to work on a hand piecing project that has squares and rectangles. I spent some time going through my pattern books and decided on a pattern from Pat Speth's More Nickel Quilts. It's called Streak of Lightning and I'm going to do it in red and white. I have a ton of red nickels and some red FQs I can cut. I don't have enough white nickels, but I do have some white yardage I can use. I may also bring my basket of scraps to cut up. It sounds like a lot, but I'd rather have more than enough to do than not enough and wonder why I didn't bring more.

Well, it's 8 PM and the new season of my Tuesday night shows are about to start so I'm off for now.


Gail said...

The postcard turned out well, I'm trying NOT to learn about them, I don't need to be stretched any thinner! LOL

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Great job! I think it is good to keep trying to get a new technique down and then practice it some more before deciding if it is for you or not. I tend to be a bit resistant to new techniques so I have to remind myself during the learning stages to stick with it... and then I am happy with my end results (well, usually!).



Laurie said...

I really like the postcard. How did you do the binding?

Enjoy your quilt retreat! I'm jealous!!!

Cynthia said...

your postcard looks very nice. This is something i haven't tried.
Hope you enjoy your weekend retreat.

Quilty bird said...

I like your postcard. Don't worry, they will get easier with time. As for getting hooked, just wait 'til those swap cards start arriving in your mailbox! That, to me, is the real joy of postcards.

KCQuilter said...

Great looking postcard! Aren't they just the most fun?!!