Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mom's Quilt, Dad's Quilt and a New Blogger

Here is my mom's quilt, Mom's Kitties. This is the one I did the binding on this past weekend. It's washed and ready to go. The picture is upside down because DH was holding it upside down and just flipped the picture rather than have it hold him again. Her quilt started it's life as a BOM in January 2005. I made a block or two, but wasn't thrilled with the pattern so I cut the fabric into 6 inch squares and created my own simple design. The WOW fabric does have cats on it as does the backing. Mom saw the quilt when she was visiting in July so she knows what it looks like and that she is getting it.

My dad was put into a nursing home a few weeks and I decided that he needed a quilt too. I made this Chiclets quilt earlier this spring and just tucked it away waiting for the right recipient to come along. Well, my dad is the lucky recipient. It's set up on my table, ready to be tied. I should be able to get that done quickly and then I can spend this coming Sunday putting on the binding.

I found a new blogger, Bingo Bonnie, in Texas. Why don't you stop by and say hello to her?


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Both quilts are great, but I especially like the Chicklet - simply because I am a scrappy quilter! I have a hard time concentrating and staying excited when I use just a few fabrics - although I have done that! I am sure that both your Mom and Dad will love snuggling under their special quilts!



Laurie said...

I agree with Evelyn -- I love both quilts, but particularly the scrappy Chiclet.

We had to put Scott's dad in a "memory care facility" for Alzheimers patients this past year. Hard for everyone involved, but he's so much better off and it's a wonderful place. They're taking them "camping" to a safe and secure cabin-type place in the mountains this month.

Mary said...

The quilt for your Dad will bring a little bit of home to the nursing facility. I'm sure he'll feel wrapped in your love.

Libby said...

Giving a quilt is like giving a hug that keeps on giving. Your parents will continue to be wrapped in your love through your gifts.

Nancy said...

I like Mom's quilt, but I REALLY like Dad's quilt. One day I will make a chicklets quilt. I've not seem one yet I didn't love.

Cynthia said...

both quilts look great. I'm sure your mom and dad will love them.

Betty J in OKC said...

Your Chiclets and your Mom's Kitties quilts are beautiful! I had so much fun hostessing over 200 quilters, in 4 Yahoo groups, making the Chiclet's pattern in March 2006. I love the way you put each block together w/it's own colors, instead of scrappy. The Chiclets' quilts are also fun to do as leaders-enders. Keep up the great quilts!!! Betty J in OKC

Bingo~Bonnie said...

Hey Sweet P - your sidebar list looks great. Patti sure helped us both out on that task ;c)

I love your Chiclets top! I've watched Brandy demo it on QNN a few times and even remember back in March when several people on Stashbuster were making them. I agree with Nancy, I have yet to see on e I didn't like and I too want to make one - one day :c)

Thanks for the plug for my new blog - I was wondering how so many of my familiar quilting blog people I read daily have found me since I am not included in any webrings... now I know! :c) Happy Weekend

Stephanie said...

I love how your quilts came out. Your folks will love them. Great job!