Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm Almost Moved In!

Welcome to a tour of my quilt studio. I spent a lot of time moving in today. I'm hoping by next weekend I will be all moved in and maybe even get some sewing time in before I go on vacation. Let's start with behind the door. I hung an over the door towel rack on the door and hung some tops along with their backs on the rack. These are my immediate projects to either finish or send to the long arm quilter.

Moving clockwise around the room from the door is an open 9 foot wall. I think this is where my design wall will be set up. It's the largest open wall in the room and I need to keep it somewhat free of furniture so you can enter the room easily.

The next wall is the window wall. The room gets a lot of light nearly year round. I will probably put my sewing table along this wall. For now, my quilt rack is holding court between the windows.

This wall is about 8 feet long. Along this wall I have put my cutting and pressing table. The plastic cart currently holds all of my FQs neatly folded, but not necessarily sorted by color. The basket has some scraps that still need to be cut and put into my scrap cabinet. I may switch the plastic bin and the scrap cabinet as this is the corner most visible when the door is open.

My scrap cabinet is in the corner. On top I am displaying pincushions from a swap I was in and sewing doll I purchased at a quilt shop last summer. The top 6 drawers hold scraps and squares up to 6.5 inches. The 2 bottom drawers hold fabric pieces larger than a FQ and smaller than 1.5 yards. I was thinking about re-painting the cabinet, but now that room is painted I think I will keep it white.

The closet has been converted to a UFO, fabric and miscellaneous supply storage. I put 2 bookcases in there to hold some books and storage boxes. The plastic bins and the baskets on the shelf hold UFOs. Next to the picnic basket behind the curtain is my small stack of larger pieces of fabric.

Rather than buy a curtain for the closet I decided to use one of my large pieces of fabric folder over a tension rod. Why buy more fabric when I have plenty of fabric, plus it's easy to change it if I want to use the fabric for a quilt.

Miss Emily has been moved from the window wall to the shortest wall in room. There is room to open her up when I get her fixed. Today I used her as a printer stand so I could caught up on some printing I needed to do.

I'm so happy to have my own studio. I can't wait to get all moved in! I'm sure Bruce can't wait either so we can have a dining room again!


Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaaaaaa it looks fabulous!!!
Your walls are the same color as mine!! I love that color.
Glad to see you got your own space! Quilting really does take on a life of its own that needs its own room

cher said...

very nice...and right now so clean!

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying watching your progress. Great work! Oh, and I LOVE that quilt you have on the stand between the windows . . . (Grin)


Mary said...

Congratulations Paula - you made me remember how great I felt when I set up my studio 3+ years ago. I spend a lot of time down here and can leave my projects spread out while I'm working on them without worrying about it getting in the way.

Your room looks nice and neat but I'd like to see a picture in a few months - my biggest challenge is taking time out from quilting to keep the room picked up!

floribunda said...

That behind the door quilt-rack is a great idea for finished tops! Mine are currently taking up too much room hanging in the closet... and "out of sight, out of mind" doesn't help either!

Good job on the re-do!


Gail said...

This has really turned out well. I especially like the towel rack idea- I may 'borrow' that, it will free up space in my closet for other stuff.

Patti said...

Looking really great!