Monday, January 07, 2013

Start of a New Year

I am not one to make New Year's Resolutions.  I choose to live one day at a time and enjoy every day.  Therefore, there are no big pronouncements to be found here.

I have finished one project already this year.  Hubby's best friend and his wife are expecting their first baby, a girl, next month.  She is sure to become a girly girl and a pink and white afghan will be the perfect complement to her.
I used Lion Brand Cotton-Ease yarn.  I loved working with the yarn.  The afghan washed up beautifully.  I can't wait to give it to them.

I received money from my FIL for Christmas.  Whenever I get money or a gift card, I always take a long time deciding how to spend it.  I think about what I would have asked the recipient for and then spend the money on those items.  I have always asked people for gift cards to my favorite on-line shops and no one has ever given me one.  So, with part of my Christmas money and a good sale on threads at Fireside Stitchery, I enhanced my thread stash significantly.  I spent two days contemplating my purchase.  Should I buy all one kind of thread in as many colors as I can?  Should I parcel out the purchase over the year?  What to do?  I even created a spreadsheet to help me make the decision.

I finally decided to purchase seven different thread types in six basic color groups.  The threads I chose were: Caron threads including Watercolours, Soie Cristale, Impressions and Snow.  Plus Rainbow Gallery Pebbly Perle, Rainbow Tweed and Very Velvet Petite.  The six color groups were: yellow, orange, pink/red, blue, purple and green.

My purchase arrived on Saturday and I couldn't be more thrilled!  Nearly all of threads arrived, the rest are back ordered and will be sent when they come in.

Here are the yellows, pink/red and oranges
Here are the blues, purples and greens
Fireside Stitchery also has Ebay auctions where they sell items for other stitchers.  I happened to find a collection of mini canvases perfect for stitching over the next year.

Two lovely angels
And two mini stockings
Yesterday I couldn't wait to try some of the new threads.  I started Laura J. Perin's newest Mini Mystery Monday.  I chose Elderberry Wine Watercolour, purple Snow, purple Pebbly Perle and a gold Kreinik thread.  I finished the inside part of the project last night.  I still have the borders to finish.  I hope to get them done before she posts Part 2 today.
And to think, I still have Christmas money to spend.  I have a plan for it - stay tuned!

Sweet P

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