Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I didn't plan on taking on a four month blogging break.  Really, I didn't.  However life, family and creative endeavors, plus a broken camera, made blogging a little difficult.

I won't bore you with all the details.  So here is a brief photo tour of my summer.

In May I stitched a second mitten from my Bargello club.
 For Mother's Day I treated myself a stash of Caron Watercolors and Rainbow threads.
On Memorial Day my youngest son called to let us know he had proposed to his long time girlfriend and she said yes!  They are planning a wedding for next spring.

In June I stitched this square
Then I made it into a little notebook for myself.
Mr E loves to go to the "plane store" to pick up Grampa.
He especially likes to help Grampa with his luggage

July was a jam packed month.
The first week hubby and I went to Disney World.
I didn't take any photos at the resort,
but I found a Needlework shop and treated myself to more threads.  They had a rack of threads on sale for $1 each.  I bought 20 of those, plus more.
 The day after we got back was a play date with Mr E.
We had fun with water and bubbles.
The next day was a very sad day.
Hubby's mother died unexpectedly.
She was a wonderful, extraordinary woman and is sorely missed.
This photo is from Mr E's baptism three years ago.
 And, if her death didn't fill up the calendar,
Mr. E had surgery the day after she died.
He had tubes put in his ears, plus his tonsils and adenoids out.
We had a long weekend between taking care of Mr. E
and saying goodbye to Nannie.

The end of July brought back normalcy to our family.
The flowers Mr E and I planted in early May finally started blooming.

August has arrived and our thoughts are turning to the start of the school year for Mr. E and the heavy travel schedule for hubby.

That's all my news for now.  I plan to be back for regular reports from my little corner of the world.

Sweet P

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Mary Grace McNamara said...

Welcome back Paula! Sorry to hear of the loss of your MIL, but looks like you've had a good summer anyway. Your stitching and flowers are lovely, and your little E man is getting so big!