Thursday, September 22, 2011

Two FInishes On My Weekend

I was a busy girl on my weekend.

Yesterday morning I finished my Corcra Cloak. These photos are not the best. We had to keep an eye on Mr. E while taking them. This photo shows me wearing the cloak with the hood up.
Here is a photo of just the back of the cloak.
I've also been working on PJ pants for Mr. E. So far I have finished one plaid pair. I love this fabric. It was a line of fashion fabrics called British Frenzy we had at the store. The fabric washed up great with no wrinkles and very little shredding of the exposed edges.
I have two more pairs of PJs that need the hems and waists sewn in and one pair of pants that only need a hem. The pattern is from Sewing for Boys. I love this book. I've read quite a few good reviews of the book and I agree with all of them. If you have little boys in your life, and you sew, you need this book.

I haven't forgotten about my pantry organization. My studio closet reorganizing just took over for awhile. I'll be working on the pantry again soon.

Until next time,
Happy Stitching!
Sweet P

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sewnut said...

Great cloak. I love shawls and cloaks and wraps of every kine.