Friday, September 16, 2011

More Studio Organizing

I made more progress on my studio re-organizing this morning.

The closet is close to getting full.
I found the top of the work table.
And the day bed is made.
I sorted through my yarn bags under the day bed this morning. I have filled the four Skubb shoe bags I bought two weeks ago and put all of them in the closet. One bag holds baby yarn, two bags hold yarn I received in swaps and the last one holds my stash of Sunflower Yarns. The Lingo bags are under the bed. They have acrylic and other miscellaneous yarn purchases stashed in them. I pulled out about 5 or 6 crochet bags that are oh, so close to being finished and put them in the pine cart. Some of them only need an hour or two to finish.

After contemplating what to do about my fabric WIPs I have created a plan:
  1. If I absolutely love the project, I am keeping it.
  2. If the WIP is from a swap, I am keeping it.
  3. If most of the blocks are sewn together or the top is nearly done, it has gone into the donate pile.
  4. If the fabric is stashed together for a specific project, but not cut, the fabric is going into my general stash pile.
I used this plan to sort through the picnic basket of WIPS and it works. Now I only have one large tub of WIPs to work through.

There are six more organizing/decluttering projects I want to do in the studio:
  1. Our artwork that had been in the basement needs to get hung in the basement or stored down there.
  2. There is still one more closet to clean and perhaps have Rick build out.
  3. My bookcase is overflowing. I will probably be getting rid of my quilting books, just have to decide how.
  4. I need to figure out where/how to store my embroidery kits and tools.
  5. I have a small stand that will be leaving the room and the pine cart is taking its place.
  6. I need to revamp my studio wall where I hang tote bags, scarves and other hanging objects.
Not sure on the timeline for these projects. At least the room is presentable and usable for now.

BTW, thanks for the encouragement to draw the cauldron and the swirls. I am thinking about it.

Sweet P


Laura said...

For my quilt book purge, I went through each book and marked each 'must-do' quilt with a post-it. Based on the number of books and post-its, I decided a book had to have at least two post-its to stay. I cleaned out about three quarters of my books that way.
I needed to pack up my sewing space in preparation for the twins' arrival. I knew I either had to pack it and find space for it in the basement or purge it. The tight quarters in our basement made purging much easier! Well, that and the knowledge that it would be years before I crafted regularly again - and I'd find many more treasures and projects in the meantime!
Congrats on getting your room usable - and good luck on persevering through the rest!

cityquilter said...

if you are not looking to make $$ from your books, there's always the public library or maybe your guild has a library. if you want to generate some cash, i've had good luck on amazon and i always go there first before buying a book.

Helen said...

Love your quilting studio! Love your plan regarding your WIPs. Will need to time manage my activities more. Not getting any quilting or blogging done since starting work for my new employer :(

Candace said...

I love your studio. Your organization plan sounds good too.