Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Process, Part 1

I was blog surfing the other day and came across The Process Pledge on r0ssie (fresh modern quilts) blog. I thought about it for a while and then decided I would participate in the Pledge. Here is my shaken and stirred Pledge:
I, Sweet P of Coffee Time Stitches, pledge to talk more about my creative processes, even when I can't show and tell every step of the way.
So, where do I start with the pledge? I have thought about this for a few days. It's next to impossible for me to describe every action or step I take in working on a project. I create under one of two circumstances. I'm either creating because I have a deadline (usually a swap deadline) or I'm creating because my muse has told me to create a project.

I suppose you may be wondering why I say I "create" instead of sew or quilt or crochet. Webster's defines create as a verb meaning: to evolve from one's own thought or imagination, as a work of art or an invention. I don't want to sound egotistical about my creations. Every item I create comes from my heart and becomes part of me. My inner muse expects me to create a little bit each day. If I don't spend time creating I can be one cranky person.

I decided to share my process as I create three sewing projects. Two of the projects have mid-November deadlines. These projects are going to be called Project A and Project B. You'll have to excuse the anonymity, but these are gifts and the recipients could be reading. The third one is a set of goodie bags designed by Monica Solario-Snow of Happy Zombie. I have been mulling over what to make for these projects for several weeks. I've changed my mind at least a dozen times and now I'm ready to start working in my studio.

This afternoon, I took advantage of Mr. E's nap time and wandered into Coffee Time Studio. Will you join me?

First up, you'll notice the sound track in my studio. I'm super predictable in my sound track choices. Nine times out of 10, Gettysburg is running on the DVD. I've played this movie so many times that the DVD is wearing out. Sometimes I put on Gods and Generals. If I'm in the mood for music then I play Jesus Christ Superstar. Each of these soundtracks provides just enough background sound so I can focus on my work.
Although I have written directions for every project, I often make my own set of cutting notes in a format that's easy for me to follow. This allows me to jot notes or changes I make to the project. Here is one page of notes for Project A. I have a similar page for the goodie bags.
Project B's directions were written well enough for me. I was able to start cutting the fabrics and pinning a few blocks before Mr. E woke up from his nap.
That's as far as I got on these projects today. I hope you continue to follow me as I work on these projects.

Sweet P

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creativedawn said...

Well, if that book cover I received is a part of your creative process! WOW! I applaud your process and don't blame you for wanting to keep it! It is beautifully stitched. I'm wondering how you stitch the letters so perfectly! AWESOME!