Saturday, October 16, 2010

Playing With Fabric

Last Monday mommy and Mr. E spent the day with me. Mommy and I wanted to begin planning our Winter Totes. Mr. E was interested in what we were doing so I had mommy get a bag of my fabric scraps for him to play with while we were looking for our fabrics. She showed him all the scraps and he was interested for a few minutes, then went off to play.
Isn't this cupcake fabric yummy? It came in this week and two yards yelled at me to come home with me. I couldn't resist. After all, cupcakes go well with coffee you know.
My MIL sent me a wonderful birthday present last week. It started with the lovely sewing basket. Inside the basket I found a gorgeous seam ripper, a small pin and a glass thread bobbin for hanging in a window.
This small box was also in the basket. It's the perfect size to sit on the sofa table next to me and hold the items I don't want Mr. E to get into: my camera, our Flip video, cords for those items, my small notions tin, a container of stitch markers and any small items to keep out of little hands.
I finished my mittens earlier this week. I love how they turned out and they fit perfectly. I have one more end to weave in and they are ready for winter. I have enough yarn leftover to make a beret and hope to have it finished soon.
We had our first Nor'Easter of the year yesterday. Lots of rain, wind and snow in the higher elevations. Today the sun is shining, the sky is blue, but the wind is still whipping around. I'm off to play in the studio for a few hours before I head into work this afternoon. Tomorrow I'm off. It's the first Sunday I've had off when I can watch all of the football games! Hooray!

What are you up to this weekend?

Sweet P

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