Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What I Want For Christmas

I was cruising around the Janome web site the other day and say this little beauty:
It's a Janome Gold Plus Trim and Stitch. What makes it so special? Besides being a portable machine it also has a Light Serging System. I think for my sewing purposes this would be a great new machine. I do minimal garment and home dec sewing, but may do more if I had a serger and I'm not thrilled with having to own to separate machine.

Has anyone test drove this machine or own one? Any comments? How about the price? I can't find a published price anywhere. I do plan on calling my local Janome dealer, but would like any input anyone has.


Sweet P


Fiesta said...

Paula before you buy the Janome contact Pat , she is the 2nd person on my blog roll. She had many problems with Janome.

Libby said...

While it's a different model, The Princess got a Janome for Christmas last year (sans serger feature) She has enjoyed it so far *s*

Rhonda said...

I have an embroidery Janome and have had no trouble with it so far but it's always good to research things first. Machines are a big investment. Good hunting.

Candace said...

I haven't seen that one, it is new to me, but I have a Janome Jem Platinum and I love it. Have you checked Pattern Review, they could have some opinions.