Sunday, January 06, 2008

Why I Don't Crochet Anymore

I started my day digging through what I haven't packed away of my stash and couldn't find any fabric to use for my Butterfly Garden quilt instead of the purples and greens I had chosen (see photo below). I just feel as though these fabrics will make the quilt too dark and the stitching won't show. I came to the realization that I don't have enough light color fabrics and definitely not a floral focus fabric. So that means I'll have to go shopping this week. Too bad!

DH woke up with the flu this morning and spent the day on the couch under two quilts. I know DH is sick when he is using quilts and has only been off the couch to visit the bathroom a few times. I didn't want to disrupt him with the sound of the sewing machine so I spent the afternoon working on my G block from Bobby Socks. I started stitching this block way back in August and haven't touched it in a long time. It felt good to spend a couple hours on it.

Tonight I wanted to do something different so I pulled out a purple ripple afghan I started crocheting about fours years ago. I only lasted 15 minutes before my arms started hurting. Ouch! So I reluctantly put the crocheting away. I guess my crocheting life is over.

Linda asked me why I covet the baby changing table in the new condo. She's wondering if I want the baby to go with the table. Good question, but not the right answer. My baby days are way over and grandbabies are still a few years away. I want the table because it's the perfect height for a cutting/pressing table, plus it is really more of a cabinet as it has several drawers with tons of space for storage. It would make a great quilting studio piece of furniture.

Well, it's getting late and tomorrow is Monday. So I'm off to take a steamy shower and climb under the covers. DH seems to be doing better tonight as he ate dinner and has kept it down. That's the first meal of the day for him. Hooray!


Pam said...

A lot of people are repurposing various pieces of furniture..I bet you could find a changing table at second hand store and fix it up wonderfully!

Sounds like you are being productive even if you are in a waiting stage of the game.

Always good to read about what is happening on your side of the states!


Patti said...

A mandatory trip to the quilt shop - horror of horrors! I don't know whether or not you can stand the stress and excitement!


I'm with you - changing tables are GREAT pieces of furniture for storage.

Debi said...

You fabrics are beautiful and will make a wonderful garden quilt.

Susan said...

That's going to be a great quilt! Too bad you have to go to the quilt store. I know you will hate every minute of that.

Leanne said...

You will have quilting ladies everywhere rushing out to baby shops to check out the changing table LOL

cher said...

ouch on your arms hurting- too bad you found that to not be comfortable to do-I really enjoy knitting when I remember to do it :-) good luck with the new condo! it looks like it will be nice to live in

Paula said...

Dang ~ fabric shopping. What could be worse!LOL~
Hope your hubby is feeling better. We're all fighting the flu at our house this week also. Yuck!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Pleased the condo quest is improving, funny when we want to have change tables left for us....but only as cutting tables! Tracey

Solstitches said...

Those fabrics are so lovely as is the pattern you are planning to do.
I finished a UFO crochet afghan towards the end of last year and was so glad to be done with it.
Maybe you could just keep your hand in with a few dishcloths or something. Working on smaller things might not aggravate your hands and arms so much.
When those grandbabies start to come you are sure to want to do a snuggly little afghan :)