Sunday, November 11, 2007

What I Do When I Get Mad

This morning I was enjoying my chit chat with some on-line friends when DH called from NYC. I thought it was our “good morning” conversation; but it wasn’t. To make a long story short, the company at the Javitz Center lost our 2 booth boxes. So DH and our two sales staff have no booth, no handouts, nothing for the show where we are supposed to be exhibiting. So I had to spend time sending them files to print and getting hold of my assistant to speak with the company. Needless to say, someone is going to pay for the mistake and it isn't going to be our company.

Two hours later I was back on my own schedule and trying to calm down. I hadn’t read the morning paper, hadn’t done my football picks and hadn’t been near my studio yet. I needed to act fast before I started coming apart at the seams.

So what did I do? I printed off the directions from Valori Wells blog on making a grocery tote bag, pulled the only decorating fabric I had in my closet and made a grocery bag. Considering I paid $1 a yard for this fabric over a year ago to make curtains and never did, this bag was pretty cheap. I can’t wait to use it. Don't you think it's the perfect grocery bag for a quilter? I still have plenty of this fabric left so I think I'll be making some more bags soon.

I'm doing well on my retreat list. Here's a photo of my Butterfly Migration top. I love it. Now I need to find backing fabric for it. Perhaps I'll do some shopping tomorrow morning between doctor visits.

I haven't started a new stitchery, at least not yet. I still have one more day of my retreat. Today I started the hand binding on my Birthday Garden quilt, but pricked my finger with the supposedly blunt end of the needle and it hurts. I may do some stitchery work yet tonight depends on how long I can stay awake.


Jackie said...

Wow!! Great concept your own retreat at home. I just got back from a retreat with friends and had a great time. Check out my blog later this week for my finished projects. Keep up the hard and fun work!!

dot said...

I lovew the butterfly quilt. I did save the document so maybe someday. I like the bag also. I remember seeing this before so thanks for the link. I want to make one of these for more for my shopping. Take care, life does crazy things from time to time.

Becky said...

I love your butterfly quilt.

Libby said...

Love that bag . . . it would be perfect for keeping under the seat of the car for an impromptu shopping trip. I'm gonna go check out that pattern *s*

Norma said...

I love the bag and butterfly quilt! You have made excellent use of your weekend time--even if you had a "distraction"!

Solstitches said...

What a pretty quilt - love the name of it.
The bag looks great. I can see several uses for it other than just groceries.


Kim said...

It looks great. I love you colors too!!