Monday, November 12, 2007

Last Day of My Retreat

Last night after I wrote my post I went into my studio. I felt the urge to sew something. I just didn't know what. I picked the nickel squares or my mom's Shoo Fly quilt, but I didn't feel like starting to sew the 200 HSTs I need for the quilt.

I dug around on my shelves and found the container holding my Streak of Red quilt pieces. This is a hand piecing project that I started last summer. Since I have started redwork and stitcheries I've lost interest in hand piecing. So, I did the next best move, I started machine piecing the blocks. I only have one of 16 blocks completely hand pieced and a portion of the second block hand pieced. I finished the block and sewed another one together. Then I was ready for bed.

Today I passed my medical appts. with flying colors. In between my gyn appt and the eye doctor I shopped at Joanne's. I found decorating fabric for making tote bags (on sale, of course), batting for two quilts and backing for my Butterfly Migration quilt. I also found goodies for my Secret Santa swap partner and my Solstice Swap partner.

When I got home this afternoon I took a nap. What a wonderful thing to do on a day off. When I woke up I sewed 20 of the 200 HSTs for mom's quilt. I also sewed one more Streak of Red block. I'm very tired tonight so I doubt I'll do any stitchery work.

All in all I had a wonderful retreat weekend. I got a lot done and worked on the projects I wanted to work on. I think I'll be able to retreat over Thanksgiving weekend. I don't think DH has any special activities planned.


Jackie said...

Isn't it great to treat yourself to some shopping after the doctor!!

Meredith said...

I think a retreat the weekend of thanksgiving is a good idea I may borrow that idea. You did get alot done on your retreat weekend.

Libby said...

Wow - a very productive retreat *s*

Solstitches said...

I don't know what I'd do if faced with 200 HST's! I hate them and am never happy with how I do them but watched an Eleanor Burns video this a.m. that might help.
Glad you enjoyed your retreat and that you will get to do another soon.


Susan said...

Sounds like you got a lot done, even with some frustration on Sunday! So glad you did well with the docs, too.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Great idea having your own retreat.
Bag looks good, they are great to fit into a full schedule as at least you get to se them finished! Tracey