Thursday, February 22, 2007

Another Five Weird Things

Carole tagged me for 5 weird things about me. I wrote about this in October and you can read it here.

So let me list 5 more weird things about me:
  1. I'm not a fan of mystery quilts anymore. When I first started quilting I made four different mystery quilts. I love all of them. I've figured out I don't like following quilt directions so trying to follow someone else's directions and not knowing what was going to happen is no fun for me.
  2. DH is 12 years younger than me. When we met my sons were teenagers and I told my DH that I was done having children. He's never been married and knew he would never have children so he was OK with not having children. Also, if you didn't already know, I work in a family business with DH, 4 BIL's and my FIL. I am the only DIL who works for the company.
  3. I've always dreamed of being teacher. But lately I've been training many new people at work and I'm discovering that I don't always have enough patience to teach someone. Not a good trait for a teacher.
  4. The only way I eat eggs is in an omelet with lots and lots of veggies, cheese and a dollop of sour cream.
  5. When I want to eat buttered toast I have to toast the bread and let it cool a little. I don't like my butter to melt on the toast, but I want the toast crunchy and the butter creamy.
If you haven't been tagged for 5 weird things then consider doing it. It's a fun exercise.

My foot is all better today. Woohoo! I guess the bag of Garden Vegetables and a good night's sleep helped.

Tonight we are supposed to get a little snow, just a little. I truly hope we get one more good snowstorm before winter ends. If not I'm going to be cranky all summer!


Patti said...

So glad your foot is better!

Libby said...

I like veggies in my omelets but NEVER meat. Breakfast meat is fine, but bacon, sausage, ham . . . it needs to be separate on the plate - not mixed in the eggs *s*

Wendy said...

Good job and doing another list of weird things. It's fun to see we are all really "normal".

Carole said...

I'm with you on younger men ;o) - lol Glad to read that your foot is doing better. How's the repairs doing on your home? Have a great weekend!

Judy said...

Glad the foot is better! Veggies are good for something :>) We in IL would be happy to send you some snow!