Sunday, June 25, 2006

Finally Back Home

Here is a picture of my parents, my brothers and wives and Bruce and I taken at my niece's wedding while I was in Minnesota. From left to right: the youngest brother, Tom and his wife Linda; the oldest brother, Steve and his wife Ara (the parents of the bride); my mom and dad; the middle brother, Chuk and his wife Karlene and finally my husband Bruce and I.

I have returned home after my 2 weeks in Minnesota. My parents are moved into their new place and seem to be doing OK. I'm sure that moving from a 4-bedroom, split level ranch into 1,043 SF, 2-bedroom apartment is a drastic change. But I kept telling them to focus on the positives - no lawn work, no maintenance issues, heated covered parking, close to any shopping they could possibly want, etc.

Next big event is my son's wedding in 4 weeks. Tomorrow I will get to see him and get an update on how the plans are coming along and how many people have confirmed they are attending. I was thinking that we should do guest bags for the people coming from out-of-town for the wedding. Many of them have never been to New Hampshire so a little giftie would be a cool surprise to find in their hotel rooms.

To make this quilty, I took out the hand quilting I had started on my Ricky Tims Wall Hanging last summer. Since taking my hand quilting class I'm more confident that I could do a better job than I had been. I think I'm going to change the backing while I'm at it as well. Here is a picture of my class project from the hand quilting class. I absolutely fell in love with hand quilting. I don't know why I was ever afraid of doing it! Now I have the means to finish some of the UFOs I have laying around my studio instead of starting new ones and dream about finishing them with quilting and binding.

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