Friday, October 12, 2012

This Post Brought to You by Mr. E

It's been a while since I posted about me and Mr. E playing in the kitchen.  This past Monday we had a baking session.  It all started two weeks ago when they stopped at the grocery on the way home from day care.  It was a rainy night and Mr. E wanted to get out of the car to get his cookie at the store.  Daddy told him there was a cookie at home with his name on it.  Well, when they got home he had to look at every cookie in the cookie jar and was upset because none of them had his name on it.

Dema to the rescue!  I mixed up a batch of sugar cookie dough using the recipe from The Decorated Cookie on Sunday night and on Monday morning we made cookies.

Step 1: Smoosh the dough
Step 2: Flatten the dough
Step 3: Roll out the dough
Step 4: Cut out the cookies
Step 5: Put the cookies on the pan
Step 5A: Try to taste the cookie dough
Step 6: Bake the cookies
Step 7: Write your name on a cookie and show it off
Step 7A: Be sure to make a Happy Birthday Dema cookie for me
He has been nibbling on the cookies all week.  Although he has to write his name on every one he eats.  I think I've created name writing cookie monster!

What have you been cooking in the kitchen?

Sweet P

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